Help supply food banks & help keep traders alive

by Big Juice Ltd in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Help supply food banks & help keep traders alive

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Help supply food banks across uk with great dishes & at same time keeping our independent traders alive.

by Big Juice Ltd in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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On the 24th August 2020 we'd raised £100 with 8 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Extra money raised will still be used to purchase meals from our independent traders, cover costs of packaging & shipping and to deliver free meals to food banks.

1) Keeping our independent traders alive

Hi, I am Harri. Along with my partner John we run our small juice bar business in Bristol’s famous St Nic’s market, located in the heart of the city. It has been open to traders since 1743. In recent times it has been the home of the largest number of independent retailers in Bristol.

In 1999 Big Juice opened its first juice bar there and for the last 20 years the market has been the home to many of Bristol’s best street food chefs.

As the country went into lockdown in March 2020 the historic market was closed and all trading stopped. We do not see how things will be the same with he new changes. We relied heavily on the city centre workers lunch hour trade.

The street food chefs we worked alongside for so many years were no longer preparing their dishes we had seen them do with such passion, they were no longer feeding the Bristol community & are no longer doing business.

After speaking with some of the small independent traders, most stated that one of their main problems is that they do not do 'technology', they do not have social media accounts, some don't have websites. They would need help to get a delivery service get going locally.

This is where I thought I can help keep St. Nicholas Markets food market alive by offering their dishes to everyone in UK.

We have been delivering our frozen juices across UK, for many years now.  I have the experience, logistics & packaging in place. So why not share this with the other traders.

Introducing our virtual street food market

Using our know-how and resources, and leaving the chefs to do what they do best, we are now able to deliver street food favourites across UK.

I have set-up a webpage on our current website to help bring all traders together. I have worked with each Chef to select their dishes that work best frozen. I have helped create a standardised packaging we can all use to help keep costs down. 

Rather than compete in business, we work together.

Customers can select different dishes from each trader and enjoy them in the comfort and safety of their home whenever you want.

All dishes are prepared to the highest standard by expert chefs, meeting all health and safety regulations and are COVID secure. Dishes are carefully packed and immediately frozen to lock in all their flavour and goodness. Using carefully tested, recyclable packaging, along with accurate delivery timings, we can ensure that all meals reach you in the same top quality as when they left us, ready for your freezer or to defrost and devour right away. 

Working together means

- we can standardise and help lower costs of packaging & delivery for everyone

- we are not all paying extra overheads separately

- we all stay in business by joining forces

Now we need to get the Chefs cooking & people enjoying their food.

2) Suppling Food Banks with Great Dishes 

This is where we need you support.

Since setting this up i realised that for each Chef to create their unique dishes takes time, a kitchen full of spices & herbs, lots of fresh ingredients, professional kitchen & of course energy (gas/electric) to cook the food. 

Not every home has a cupboard full of spices, some people don't even have food in their cupboards. Energy bills are a big concern, so that makes long-slow cooked family meals redundant in many homes. Quick ready meals may be the substitutes. With over 1200 food banks across UK becoming more and more required is just an indication of the need for help with feeding our communities.

We ask you to donate whatever you can. We use all the donated money to buy dishes from the traders (keep them in trade) & ship them to food banks across UK (keep people fed). We can keep costs down by buying & delivering in batches. That way we feed more people.

These dishes are frozen & we deliver them frozen to the food banks. People can take them home and use them when ever they want from the freezer. Simply defrost and heat. No food wasted by being perishable in the fridge. A perfect treat for any family.

Any money raised will be used to buy dishes from the traders & donate them to different food banks for people who need nourishing home cooked meals. 

Please donate whatever you can we have Chefs ready to cook!

Together we are stronger.

Thank you for reading. Hope you can help.

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