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by RYG Outdoor Education Centre in Rhosygwalia, Wales, United Kingdom

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To raise enough funds to ensure the continuation of this much loved and valued centre through the pandemic and into the future.

by RYG Outdoor Education Centre in Rhosygwalia, Wales, United Kingdom

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Philip Bristow 26th March 2021

I have had the privilege to visit the centre with Y6 from Winnersh Primary on five occasions. The commitment and professionalism of the team there has always been second to none, and the children have found it a truly life enhancing experience. Do what you can in these difficult times and above all else keep going – the children need you.

Katarzyna Wojciechowska 20th March 2021

My daughter had an incredible time when she visited the centre with her school. It was an unforgettable experience and every child should have a chance to do it. Please stay open!!!!

Sheilagh Peacock 19th March 2021

The Y6 children of Winchcombe School, Newbury, have loved visiting Rhos and we would like to offer the same opportunity to each subsequent Year 6.

Heather Prowse 17th March 2021

An outdoor activities centre which both my boys enjoyed attending. Good luck with the fundraising and giving many more schoolchildren opportunities to make great memories.

Anton Dworzak 15th March 2021

RYG has provided quality outdoor education for Year 6 English Martyrs children for years. The rich experiences live in their memories forever. We hope the centre continues for future generations.

Louise Hildreth 15th March 2021

You have made such a difference to so many especially the groups of young people I have bought to you who have Low self-esteem & anxiety. I hope to be able to bring many more in the future!

Alison waite 12th March 2021

My son visited Rhos last year and had an amazing time. I hope you raise enough so my daughter and many others can come for years to come.

Kate Baker 12th March 2021

I enjoyed my Year 6 (then 4th Year) trip to Rhos 37 years ago and I was so pleased to hear the centre was still going strong when my son started primary school. It’s his turn to go this year and I would hate it if he had to miss out.

Hilary Latimer 11th March 2021

In 1983/4 I visited RYG for my own A Level Biology field trip. Nearly 40 years later, as headteacher of Englefield Primary School, I regularly send pupils to RYG for an exceptional residential visit. At their leavers' assembly, nearly all of our pupils cite their best memory as being something they did at RYG. In this increasingly digital world, this centre is so important for developing our children's confidence and self-esteem through a hands-on education.

Julia Kidd 10th March 2021

Chdn at our school have been going to Rhos for many many years. It is a fabulous opportunity to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. I've never heard one child come back who said they did not enjoy it. It would be great to keep this centre going for chdn in the future, so many chdn don't get a chance to do something like this. Wish my own chdn had been able to go when they were younger!

Sarah Jolly 6th March 2021

Hi Ed and Sara, my 3 boys loved Rhos, Barns twice. I was privileged to visit 8 times with the school, you provided the most professional, challenging and most importantly FUN experience, I'd come back any time I could. As many children as possible should be able to experience Rhos!! Best of luck, love Sarah xx

Gill vollum 5th March 2021

I had the absolute privilege to work here for nearly 10 years just after Ed and Simon bought the centre and through to Sara coming and adding her wonderful magic to the mix, and then Harriet and Huw arrived. It really is the absolute best place that I have ever worked and I'm so proud to have been part of the team. During that time, there were many moments when you went above and beyond to help and support me, but a particular time will always stay with us forever, ironically it was nothing to do with outdoor education but everything to do with kindness. We are so proud of you guys, I cannot wait until the day that the coaches drive up that steep wee hill into the centre and that valley becomes alive with sound of happy children roaming free. With all our love, Gill, Tim, Olly and Rory xxxx

Ruth Pennington 4th March 2021

Good luck with your funding. I loved visiting you when I was a child, I was lucky enough to come 3 times. Hopefully many more children will get the chance


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