Support Pre-School teachers, & food for Kids in SL

by Eilidh Graham in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Support Pre-School teachers, & food for Kids in SL

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Salaries for 6 teachers in (free) Pre-schools in Sri Lanka, for kids from deprived areas, AND lunches for the kids, these funds now stopped!

by Eilidh Graham in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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On the 15th May 2020 we'd raised £3,100 with 44 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


Warmest Wishes at this tough time. My name is Eilidh and 15 years ago I had a trip to Sri Lanka to volunteer in a home for girls and women with disabilities, and teach (spend time/play games/sing with) children who lost their homes and were unable to go to School due to the 2004 Tsunami.

I was looked after by an amazing small team of staff who worked for Projects Abroad Sri Lanka. I have visited many times since, and have sustained relationships and connections with the projects, families and the staff of PA.

Over the last 15 years the Sri Lankan Project has grown with many more projects being supported by volunteers AND funds, allowing children from Slum areas, and Tsunami affected areas to access free Pre-schools  and have a free meal's. Unfortunately due to the recent Crisis, Projects Abroad have completely pulled out of the Sri Lankan Project, leaving these projects without their support, AND ALL their staff without jobs.

This is a fundraiser to be able to support the 6 teachers from the Pre-schools, and also to provide the food for the kids, up till the end of the year. If we go over the budget then some funds will go to the Projects abroad staff who are hardest hit at this time. This includes a family who are about to have twins!

Hopefully there will be a more sustainable way; the team are looking for long term sponsorship and other ways to support those most in need. But until then, we need your help!

Here is some more info from one of the ex-Projects Abroad Staff;

Given the basis of how much of an effect the Covid-19 has had on the world and highlighting how much it has damaged the economy in Sri Lanka is very detrimental in terms of stability and sustenance.  Also highlighting the fact that we in Sri Lanka who worked under Projects Abroad helped sustain particular projects and programmes. 

1)Dutch Anne's Preschool based in Panadura. - this preschool started when two Dutch volunteers raised enough money together and collectively with Projects Abroad set up a preschool to those affected by the tsunami in 2004.  

2)Fairy Zone Preschool based in Panadura. - the construction of this preschool was funded by volunteers from across the world and now functions as a preschool that has nearly 50 students and 2 teachers to date.  

3)Welipitiya Preschool based in Panadura. - This preschool had a feeding program that was facilitated by us for almost 10 years and nearly had an average of 30 children in Panadura, catering those who were also affected due to the Tsunami in 2004.  

4)Sambauddaloka Preschool. - This preschool has been facilitated with a food allowance that feeds nearly 100 children in an underprivileged area in Colombo known as Kotikawatta.  Stationary, teachers salaries, utility bills, feeding programs, children's uniforms are the materials that we used to fund in order to run these preschools and their programs.  Understanding the current situation where these programs were facilitated by Projects Abroad and now facing the reality where they (Projects Abroad) have now withdrawn their ties with Sri Lanka leaves these placements and projects without funding.  We strongly encourage and are very grateful to those who can support as well share this initiative that we will continue to oversee and undertake the facilitation of these programs. 

- The Ex Projects Abroad team in Sri Lanka.

*You will be updated by Ligaya on how funds are spent. THANK YOU!!!*

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