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by Amir Nathan in London, England, United Kingdom

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A good old fashioned whip round to support our friends Kiruna Stamell and Gareth Berliner in their new venture, Pirate and Parrot TV.

by Amir Nathan in London, England, United Kingdom

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Hi everyone, I hope that you can help.

We have all been affected by the global pandemic in different ways. Some of you reading this may have been inconvenienced at best, some of you may have lost loved ones and had your whole lives changed. As lockdown is eased, my thoughts are with the millions of people with pre-existing conditions for whom lifting lockdown is meaningless and who must stay shielding at home.

Two of our closest friends, Kiruna Stamell and Gareth Berliner, are shielding indefinitely. Gareth has a serious medical condition which means that contracting the Covid-19 virus would be severely life threatening. As professional actors (Google them, they’re great!) Gareth and Kiruna are using their creativity in lockdown by making Pirate and Parrot TV, a YouTube version of their 2014 kids theatre show.

Filmed in their kitchen on a mobile phone, these salty-sweet stories entertain and educate children and adults alike. Their lovable rogue characters, Cutlass Kate Pirate and Henry Livingstone Parrot, take to the high seas telling tales for children watching on the internet. Check them out on FB and watch and share their stories on YouTube. They have recently been interviewed by the BCC for the BBC Ouch Cabin Fever show.

As you will see, the stories are fun and educational. Gareth and Kiruna are using all their own money and are not making a penny from this venture. With budgetary restrictions, they are currently using whatever equipment they have to hand and I would like to help them make their stories even better by crowd funding for the production of this show.

I thought that, for a small contribution by lots of people, a good old fashioned whip round if you will, together we could support Kiruna and Gareth in their venture by helping them with the purchase of some equipment for their home made studio. We could buy a decent DSLR camera for filming, a couple of boom mics or wireless mics to help with sound quality, lighting equipment and anything else they need! At the moment, all the shows are produced and edited by either G and K or friends and family who are offering their services for free. We could also support them with a budget to pay for professional production services.

I have known G and K for many years. They are extremely principled and are genuinely committed to entertaining and educating children and families, especially those in the challenging position of having to shield from this terrible virus.

So, in short, our friends could do with some help getting this latest creative venture properly off the ground. If you don’t feel like supporting this monetarily then please just check out their FB/ YouTube pages and share amongst the people you know.  A couple of quid from a lot of us will help to change their lives and I hope you will join me by making a contribution. Thanks, Peace and Love, Amir.

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