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by Ertan Karpazli in Enfield, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Raising funds for an election campaign to help independent MP candidate Ertan Karpazli win the UK parliamentary seat for Enfield North.

by Ertan Karpazli in Enfield, Greater London, United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Ertan Karpazli and I'm running as an independent MP candidate for the constituency of Enfield North in North London. I have taken the decision to run as an independent because I, like many people, am completely disillusioned with the mainstream political parties, who I believe are not doing enough to improve the living standards of people, both in my constituency, and beyond. 

Above all else, I am deeply disturbed by the determination both Labour and the Conservative Party have shown towards making the UK complicit in an ongoing genocide that is taking place before our very eyes. I'm also upset with the unnecessary austerity measures that are disproportionately affecting some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK, the detrimental results of which could not be more obvious in impoverished constituencies like the one I am running in. 

I believe it is high time we started talking about a 'wealth tax' on the mega rich to ease the pressure off the general public whose blood, sweat and tears have been taken for granted for way too long. As an independent, however, I am struggling to fund my campaign. Leaflets, posters, billboards and social media productions cost a lot of money, and so far, I have been funding my campaign with the little savings I have, minus a handful of very small but much appreciated contributions. I do not have a party or big business behind me. As a worker, I am having to take time away from my job to have time to manage my campaign, and when I don't work, I don't get paid. Yet, I am making all these sacrifices because I believe in the positive changes I want to make. 

Being an Enfield resident myself, I know and understand fully what it feels like when people in my constituency complain that they don't have a voice in the House of Commons, or a say in more local issues. I want to give the people of Enfield North their voice back. I want them to feel that they have an MP who listens to them and takes their concerns seriously. 

The people of Enfield North deserve an MP who embodies their struggle and their values, and truly represents them. I hope to be that person in whom they can place their trust, but my campaign to achieve this can only be as effective as its supporters are dedicated to help me make these changes. I have not descended from the heavens to work miracles, but if we all band together and collectively make all the necessary sacrifices to turn this election on its head, we can almost certainly achieve the miraculous.

Every donation is welcome, big or small. Please also share this fundraiser with your friends and family, and make sure everyone is registered onto the electoral roll by 18th June so that they can vote in the General Election on 4th July. You don't need to live in Enfield North to donate, but you can certainly tell those who do to vote for me as their next MP. Enfield North consists of the following wards: Ponders End, Brimsdown, Enfield Lock, Bullsmoor, Southbury, Carterhatch, Enfield Town, Ridgeway and Whitewebbs. Thank you!

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