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by Neil Faulkner in London, England, United Kingdom

Support 4thWay's high-quality, candid P2P research


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4thWay's P2P lending ratings and research has been the friend of many an investor. We now need your help to get through the pandemic.

by Neil Faulkner in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 23rd November 2020 we'd raised £5,455 with 20 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Individual investors following all of 4thWay's P2P lending guidance, investment reviews and investment ratings based on international standards have consistently made money, as we have steered them through the pitfalls of this asset class.

Help us now and we'll help you even more in return! Read on to find out how.

I doubt it's usual that an investment ratings and research business gets rated 9.3/10 by the consumers of its information. But investors who have chosen to help other people and businesses through P2P lending have benefited financially from our guidance.

We do this not just through our knowledge and experience. Mostly we do it by making an unbreakable commitment to always tell the truth and the whole truth about each P2P lending platform.

Trustworthiness, Independence and Reputation has been, and always will be, the centre of what we do. We have a large moat to protect our independence, with the crowning protection being a panel of our website users who are nominated by other users to monitor 4thWay and who have the power to force changes.

I think that being steadfast and trustworthy is one of the unique selling points that businesses typically struggle to do - certainly in the investment support services space. They find it easier to have the prettiest website, the funkiest online tools and the biggest advertising budgets. And many businesses rise to above-average success by being the best at one of those. 

But we've made trustworthiness work.

Despite taking a stand on trustworthiness - no, because of it - 4thWay has grown out of the initial startup phase over the past six years. We've now made money in two out of the past three years and we expect that most future years will now be gently profitable, with most profits recycled to help investors further.

We've done this with no big financial backing and just with the support of users who believe in us and make money safely thanks to us. We see ourselves having a good, long future helping lenders to make more money, more safely, thanks to the belief that our users have in us.

But the pandemic has really hit us hard. To survive this difficult period, we need the help and assistance of our fan base and wider user base. I'm asking for your additional support so that we can keep providing what we think is essential, high-quality, candid research not provided elsewhere.

P2P lending - social lending - is about the community getting together to help each other. Borrowers and lenders help each other and get better terms than banks offer. Lenders help each other too. And certainly many of the P2P platforms help both borrowers and lenders a great deal.

4thWay has also helped lenders and now we're asking for a little support back from you, so that we can stick around, help you long into the future, and create a virtuous circle.

With our personal phone coaching - available exclusively to top pledgers through Crowdfunder and not otherwise available to users of the 4thWay website - we answer your P2P lending questions to help you understand what you're doing better. (Note that we can't provide tailored financial advice, i.e. make investment recommendations suitable for your situation.)

Our first paid subscription service is launching in November, and middle pledgers through Crowdfunder will get free access for life. This service will grant investors acccess to large parts of 4thWay's knowledgebase, which is a trove of information previously unavailable. It's our store of information upon which we assess platforms, and retain and share information internally between 4thWay's specialists. You'll get access to:

  • 4thWay records of interviews and meetings. These are mostly with the P2P lending platforms themselves (with the rare confidential parts redacted), but they can include lawyers and accountants. These records often come with internal notes about what we think of the information we have been given.
  • 4thWay’s internal research notes.
  • 4thWay’s Q&As with platforms.
  • 4thWay’s Q&As with the national press.
  • Additional documents, where they are not confidential.

Pledge at least £1,000 and you'll get up to one hour's personal over-the-phone coaching. Plus, you'll get lifetime access to our new paid subscription service, as well as free access to all other services we launch for individual investors in future.

Invest £500 and you'll get lifetime access to our new paid subscription service, as well as one-year's free access to all other services we launch for individual investors in future.

We've set the above benefits where we're sure that many investors can easily justify the pledge. But, if that's too steep for you, perhaps because you don't invest much money, any token of support from you will be appreciated, because it motivates us to know that you want us to stick around and carry on. Just as all the many messages we've received from you over the years has done.

Here's to many more years putting investors first!


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£1,000 or more for coaching and lifetime access

Personal P2P lending coaching and lifetime access to all 4thWay's products and services for individual investors

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£25 for 4thWay's future

If you can't afford our rewards, but want to see 4thWay get past the pandemic crisis, please consider a modest contribution. We have no services that are worth as little as £25, but you could feel free to email us a question about P2P lending and we'll endeavour to respond to all of you.

£500 or more

£500 for lifetime access

Lifetime access to 4thWay's new knowledgebase service coming in November, as well as one-year's free access to all other products and services we launch for individual P2P lending investors

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