Suicide Crisis

RCN 1170444, Cheltenham

Provides a Suicide Crisis Centre in Gloucestershire, open 24 hours a day, where persons in crisis will be supported and helped. Also participates in initiatives in the field of suicide prevention.

Suicide Crisis

Suicide Crisis is a registered charity which runs a Suicide Crisis Centre in Gloucestershire, England. We provide face to face intensive support to people who are feeling suicidal. 

For information about our Crisis Centre and our services, please visit our website, . We have been providing services since 2013, and no client under our care has died by suicide. 

As a result, our work is now starting to attract national attention. We were invited to give evidence about the way we work and prevent suicide to the Parliamentary Health Select Committee (which includes MPs from all the three main political parties). The Select Committee was undertaking an inquiry into the measures needed to prevent suicide. 

Our charity was set up by someone with lived experience of mental illness, who couldn’t find the kind of help she needed when she was in suicidal crisis. She resolved to set up something different from what which she experienced under mental health services. We are now contacted regularly by clinicians in NHS mental health services in other parts of the UK who are interested in learning more about the way we work. They frequently describe us as an “example of best practice”.

We also offer training in suicide prevention to other organisations.