Students Against Tyranny

by James Harvey in Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom

Students Against Tyranny


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Students against tyranny will be a platform to connect like-minded students together so they don't feel so isolated in their beliefs.

by James Harvey in Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom

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Adam Hiley 10th December 2021

Stop the corrupt Johnson Government making all Britons poorer especially the younger generation good luck with your campaign we all need to restore our freedoms and rights that weren't Johnson's to take away, Labour are as bad this covid19 thing will end if all us British end this Johnson must go

Sally 24th September 2021

Universities are supposed to be places of learning which should ALWAYS support open discussion, debate, free thinking and free speech. Without this and with the shut down of all the above the opposite happens and forced indoctrination will take place. Sadly this is where we are presently at in 2021. Dictatorships always fail in the end..

Laura Brady 18th September 2021

You are totally amazing and I love what you’re doing. I teach 6th form students, I’m the only one awake at college. I do try and talk to the girls but they wanna go clubbing!! Some listen to me tho. Keep up your amazing crusade

Ruthy B 16th September 2021

Hi there. Well done guys. I've done a little Powerpoint slideshow for 12-15 yr olds of facts and questions. It would be good to turn it into a TikTok video (am happy to share with you).

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