#StopTheRot - Summer of Action

by Open Britain in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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Please donate to help us kickstart a #StopTheRot summer of action across the UK.

by Open Britain in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Help us kickstart a summer of #StopTheRot action.

The first #StopTheRot rally on Sunday 15th of May was a fantastic event. Politicians, social media influencers, campaigners, and grassroots activists came together to make the point that our political system is rotten, and that the rot will continue to spread until we stand up and stop it.

Hundreds of you braved the truly atrocious weather to attend in person, and many more supported online. Loads of you have since said that you now want us to organise #StopTheRot events outside London...and we agree 100%!

With your help, we can kickstart a 'Summer of Action', growing the movement with #StopTheRot rallies in cities across the country. 

A day of reckoning for Boris Johnson.

At the inaugural #StopTheRot Rally an impressive list of speakers highlighted different aspects of the rotten politics we have in Boris Johnson’s Britain, and pointed out how we can respond positively: 

  • David Lammy: Labour MP for Tottenham and Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs.
  • Peter Tatchell: Human rights activist, campaigner and founder of LGBT rights direct action group Outrage!
  • Supertanskiii: Political commentator and satirical comedian of online fame.
  • Marina Purkiss: Political commentator, writer, activist, and campaigner.
  • Mandu Reid: Leader of the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) and prominent spokesperson for women’s rights in the UK.
  • Natalie Bennett: Member of the House of Lords and former Leader of the Green Party of England & Wales
  • Charlie Whelton: Policy & Campaigns Officer at Liberty
  • Tom Brake: Former Lib-Dem MP for Carshalton and Wallington and founder/director of cross-party campaigning organisation Unlock Democracy.
  • Catherine Mayer: Author, activist and member of Covid Bereaved Families for Justice.

And comedian Rosie Holt (online superstar 'Conservative MP') and DJ Cozette provided plenty of laughter and great tunes to balance out all the gloom!

We want to bring events like this to a city near you, so please donate to help us #StopTheRot.

This wont be easy, we need your help.

Successful mass events like this one don’t just happen on their own. They need funding, for staging, sound equipment, insurance, publicity, etc, etc.

We’re working hard to grow #StopTheRot into a true mass movement that can hit this government where it hurts - but we're reliant on your support to do so.

It's clear politics isn’t working for the likes of you and me 

This administration is the most corrupt in living memory. That's both a symptom and a source of our rotten political system, no longer able to properly serve the needs of the people. 

The truth is that politics is working for the political elite, but it isn’t working for most of us. Only a system as rotten as ours could allow the lies, incompetence and corruption of Boris Johnson’s government to stand. Enough is enough. It's time to #StopTheRot.

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