#StopTheRot - Summer of Action

by Open Britain in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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by Open Britain in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Helen Tuffin 24th June 2022

I am embarrassed and ashamed to be British right now. I have lots of friends, colleagues and clients abroad. I would like to be able to not feel I have to keep apologising for my government's actions to them.

MS SARAH T WILLIS 18th June 2022

We can't do enough to stop this rot. Psychopathic thinking and behaviour should NEVER be at the heart of government. It will destroy that heart which once was proud to be British and loving, rational, honest and ethical.

David Quinn 13th June 2022

Keep up the good work. This government is the worst in my life time and pursues an ideological policy totally at odds with common sense and the realities of the UK's position in the world

Costas Pikatsa 13th June 2022

Enough of Boris and his lies, u turns, he along with his henchmen award themselves a pay rise. Break laws then deny them. A brain of chaos. A Dictator, bully, he chose his cabinet, yes men only. Said a Bulldozer will not get him out. Narcissist.

Chris Humphrey 13th June 2022

We cannot allow a return to where we were in the 1970's and 80's under a regime that cared nothing for people and the communities they lived in.

Peter Bungay 8th June 2022

It is sad and worrying to witness the decline in integrity and competence of government now led by a corrupt nationalist faction of the conservative party. The list of failings and the harms caused by Johnson's government need to be highlighted continuously as they accumulate so that they are remembered by people at the times it matters.

Andrew Korsak 7th June 2022

It is essential that there is no spin with this campaign, that only the absolute truth is told. There is enough disinformation around already in the media.

Christopher Reilly 7th June 2022

Anything which you or anyone else can do to Stop the Rot is welcome. Thanks for making the effort. It's time for a clean-out at the top to get some fresh air in.

Joanna - Claire 7th June 2022

We just have to Stop The Rot. Its all so sickening. Their inabilty to think about actual people and their abiltiy to be so blind to the damage they do, to the people of the country and to the reputation of the country is astonishing.

Peter Burton 7th June 2022

Our Democracy such as it is needs an overhaul which has to start with getting rid of the Toru won't occur with the present Tory government

Nigel Stafford-Clark 7th June 2022

Your email today so eloquently sums up what make Boris Johnson and the government he leads such a disaster for this country, not only while he remains in power but in the legacy he will leave behind. The damage caused by his fumbling approach to all the critical issues we face will be very hard to repair. But the Pandora's Box of unaccountability, irresponsible behaviour, corruption and lying as a set of strategy options for our future political leaders may prove impossible to close.

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