Chip In To Help Stop Mass Homelessness

by The Big Issue in London, England, United Kingdom

Chip In To Help Stop Mass Homelessness

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Chip in to help our campaign to stop mass homelessness

by The Big Issue in London, England, United Kingdom

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Unless we act, the UK is facing a homelessness crisis this autumn. 

Thousands of families are facing evictions and repossessions as measures to protect families put in place during Covid end, Universal Credit is reduced, the furlough scheme ends and electricity and gas prices are due to rise. 

Right now a family is made homeless every 3.5 hours - and that could rise even more without action.

It's a perfect storm of conditions that means the threat of mass homelessness later this year is a very real possibility. That's why the Big Issue has launched a major new campaign to stop mass homelessness.

We’re calling on governments to take immediate action to support people who are at risk of losing their homes and long-term action to end homelessness for good.

You can chip in to support the campaign here. Funds raised will be used to secure advertising space, promote our posts on social media and spread the word about the campaign.

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Why is this important?

  • 4.3 million people are behind on household bills
  • A household has been made homeless every 3 ½ hours in 2021
  • 564,000 people are in rent arrears
  • 190,000 owner-occupied homes are in financial difficulty
  • 1.9m jobs are at risk of permanent loss following the pandemic
  • 392,000 households will fall into fuel poverty following a price hike in energy bills

What do people say?

Lord John Bird, Founder and Editor In Chief of the Big Issue:

“We need the public to start getting involved urgently by pressuring the government and local politicians to take this looming crisis seriously. The scale and potential impact of this crisis affects everyone in the UK.”

Alicia Kennedy, Director of Generation Rent:

“The government must step in and clear this rent debt and let renters get on with their lives. Otherwise society will pay a higher price through a homelessness crisis.”

Paul Noblet, Head of Public Affairs at Centrepoint:

“With lockdown being lifted it's easy to think the economic consequences of coronavirus will disappear too. Unfortunately that is not the case and that is why this campaign for substantial long-term support for tenants at risk of eviction because of arrears is so important.”

If you’re unable to donate, you can always sign our petition and find out other ways to get involved at

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