Stop Funding Hate

by Traveller Mvmt & Stop Funding Hate in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 3rd January 2018 we successfully raised £80,251 with 3859 supporters in 28 days

More and more advertisers are pulling away from the Daily Mail, Sun & Express. Now let’s ramp up the pressure and change the media for good.

by Traveller Mvmt & Stop Funding Hate in London, England, United Kingdom

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Tim Gingell 3rd January 2018

Very proud of Rosey and the team for running such an effective and worthwhile campaign to rid the papers of their horrible bile and bigotry. A tenner very well spent.

Norman Niblock 2nd January 2018

These ‘news papers’ continue to have an influence on the ill informed and bigoted , they are almost universally owned by elitists with the agenda of divide and conquer, I’m very happy to contribute to a campaign that’s tries to illuminate the real reasons behind the vitriol these hate fuelling rags spew out. Thank you.

Samantha Glover 31st December 2017

At long last it feels like we're doing something to help counteract the constant stream of hatred, negativity, alarmist and totally unhelpful press stories that these rags spew out year after year.

Aljoša Čebokli 29th December 2017

Just donated 20£ and I feel it's much better spent than on a eat-in order or w/e else I could have spent it on. These rags literally send shivers down my spine. Enemies of the people, really, what's next, hanging "collaborators" in the streets?

Christopher Burke 28th December 2017

Joseph Goebbels said “A lie told one is a lie, a lie told 1000 times becomes the truth” The Mail, Sun and Express have used this mantra to brainwash Britons in campaign and campaign of hatred. We, the consumer, have the power to stop it.

Richard Harrison 14th December 2017

These titles peddle fear, hatred and division in the hope that this will sell newspapers. Responsible, ethical companies and advertisers know that they don’t want their products to be associated with these sentiments. Let’s see who is right.

David Moore 13th December 2017

If there is a lesson to be learned from history, is the fact that the Nazi Party won with a minority vote, and still managed to cause a war that’s affects the lives of people today. When the Nazis grew into a monstrous war machine, the piece loving majority feely powerless to stop it. Don’t becomes powerless. Together, we can stop hate now, and not feed and nurture the monster of hate.

John LeFebvre 10th December 2017

Keep up the good work guys. Would love to see the gutter press dragged out of the gutter and forced to report facts rather than agenda!

Jonathon Harwell 10th December 2017

The mail will try and call this an attempt silencing free speech, but they are just as entitled to print inflammatory and not-nessecarily true stories in order to better sell newspapers as we are to ask advertisers if they want their brand to be associated with that content. They are fine to raise questions about migration, but theycan hardly claim to be a bastion for balanced and thoughtful debate on the issue, and if anything they are the ones trying to silence free speech through the use of intimidation and smear stories on anyone who opposes them - just as they are trying to silence this campaign. All the more evidence that you are doing the right thing - keep up the good work!

Anthony Gladman 7th December 2017

I'm supporting StopFundingHate because I believe we can't simply allow these newspapers and their twisted rhetoric to poison our society in the interests of shadowy off-shore billionaires.

Michael Starling 6th December 2017

I was taught to ski by a Polish Battle of Britain pilot. To hear Polish people being called vermin and for these attitudes to be championed by newspapers breaks my heart. We are better than this.

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