Forever Dawns book project

by Ken in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Forever Dawns book project
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My new book is due out soon but needs insurance so book shops will take it up.

by Ken in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Over several nights many years ago a story unfolded in a recurring dream of a people not like our own. They travelled through space onboard massive ships as big as continents. They created planets and populated them with their own people. This race of humans had evolved from those taken away from the earth along with their city Enoch in antiquity. 

But something went terribly wrong shortly after arriving at the first of their creations, a planet not too dissimilar to Earth. This is where Forever Dawns begins.

The road to get this published has been long, laboruise and costly. 

Many publishing agents have contacted me to take on the project of getting it in front of traditional publishers because of its great potential.

The last hurdle has been reached then the unthinkable happened when the fund to finance this project got stolen.

No bookshop will take on new authors without insurance. But it is also a guaranteed return because all books purchased, even if returned, still get the royalties paid because of this insurance.

If I publish without this insurance I will lose potentially thousands of sales. 

I've secured an additional job to earn back the losses but I'm not sure I can do it in time. Hence this appeal.

Thank you in advance if you can help.


visit for a more detailed look at the book.

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