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by Stir to Action in Bridport

We did it
On 2nd December 2014 we successfully raised £6,115 with 121 supporters in 28 days

We're raising funds to run a 6-month programme of training workshops to build the co-operative capacity of local communities. Help us do it!

by Stir to Action in Bridport

 New stretch target

Our Stretch Target is £8,000!

  • We'll use the extra funds to build an open source website to capture all of the best strategies and successes from the workshops and partner with a university to produce free reports and publications on co-operatives, social enterprise and community action. This website will provide post-workshop support to participants as they implement their projects in their own communities.
  • We'll create more bursaries and sponsored workshop spaces for those on low income or unemployed to make sure the workshops are universally accessible.

Thanks for all the support!!

Who we are...

STIR mags

We're the founders of Stir to Action and STIR Magazine, and we're crowdfunding to support a six-month programme of training workshops to build the co-operative capacity of local communities. We want to establish strong and resilient communities that face up to climate change, financial crises and the other social problems we experience.

Over the last few years we've realised that while magazines can inspire and be a starting point for making the changes we’d like to see, they can only do so much. It’s a big step from reading about community farming, the launch of a local currency or the creation of a actually seeing these projects succeed.

The next stage for Stir to Action is to host a six-month programme of two-day training workshops — intense and involved — facilitated by some of our inspiring and innovative magazine contributors from the last few years. So from March to September 2015, we’ll be running a series of 12 workshops in beautiful Bridport, Dorset, where the magazine is based.

The workshop programme itself is being designed using some of the best practice around strengthening local economies, such as sourcing local, co-operative food, working with young apprentices, bed-mapping local hosts and discounts for green travel.

We're even hosting a tea blending workshop with a local, ethical tea company to make a bespoke, co-branded tea for the workshops!

Some of the workshops...

Cover Art 

We have Brett Scott, author of the Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance and founder of the London School of Financial Arts. He’ll be delivering a workshop on the exciting new tools and strategies in financial activism and also the creation of maker-hack spaces.

The Bristol Cable Co-op will be delivering a workshop on creating citizen journalism initiatives. This will include everything from crowdfunding your project to crowdsourcing your constitution; from making smart phone reports to learning the basics of wordpress and article writing.

 sharenergyWe’ve also got Jon Halle of Share Energy Co-op on setting up the co-operative structure, launching a crowdshare offer to fund your renewable installation, and working on the all-important community engagement.


 This interactive workshop delivered by Rhiannon Colvin and Constance Laisné of Alt Gen will empower young people (18-29 year olds) to take control of their future by learning how to set up co-operative businesses.

With high youth unemployment, unpaid internships and exploitative labour market, co-ops enable youth to create their own work. This allows them to generate a fair income, do what they love and have a positive social impact.

Mark Walton and Kate Swade from Shared Assets will host a workshop on community management and governance of land and natural resources. The workshop will draw on Shared Assets’ experience of supporting new forms of management of woodlands, parks, green spaces, waterways and coastal areas. It will use case studies to outline the range of business models available for the development of land based social enterprise and provide new tools that can help practitioners to make better decisions about growing and scaling up their work.

Spend a day with Carrie Gamble from Dorset Chai Wallah, sampling different ethical teas from around the world. In the afternoon they'll be the opportunity for you to create your own personal tea blend! One of the blends created during this workshop will become the bespoke, co-branded blend that will be used and sold during the 6 month workshop programme. Jonny Gordon-Farleigh, editor of STIR magazine, will help judge which tea becomes that very special Stir to Action tea!


Your rewards...

Everyone who supports the campaign will get a big thank you from us and we'll put your name in our supporters list on the programme and website. You'll see a breakdown of the rewards in the column on the right. Here's some more info to entice you...

Tote Bag

As we publish original art in every issue of our quarterly magazine, we've selected Matthew Frame's beautiful illustration from our George Monbiot interview for the tote bag artwork. We'll be printing these bags using the silk screen printer in STIR's studio especially for you!

We'll also be printing t-shirts custom designed by illustrator Edd Baldry/ Hey Monkey Riot — Even Little Things Can Cause a Big Stir.t-shirt

If you find you've got an appetite for pizza and deep conversation, here's your chance to share both with internationally renowned philosopher and activist Nina Power. She's the author of One-Dimensional Woman, a senior lecturer in philosophy at Roehampton University, and a regular contributor to publications like Radical Philosophy, the Guardian and STIR.

There are a couple rewards that pre-book you or a friend on a workshop! We aren't offering pre-bookings to anyone except our crowdfunders. Why not use your pledge to save yourself a seat?

Our Great Transition reference library will be a collection of practical books and resources that will be located in the Chapel in the Garden's public reading room in Bridport, where the workshops will be held.

(**For rewards of £15 and above for supporters outside of the UK, please add £5**)


Your contribution will allow us to...

>> Hire workshop spaces and equipment>> Train local apprentices>> Create sponsored places or bursaries for those on low or no income>> Design and distribute promotional materials>> Co-ordinate the workshop programme





This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

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£5 Reward

The Campaign Supporter: A big huge thank you from everyone at Stir to Action and your name listed as a supporter of the campaign on the programme and website.

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The Participant Postcard: A personalised postcard from an inspired workshop participant thanking you for supporting the workshop on a hand-printed woodcut postcard, plus your name listed as a supporter of the campaign.

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The Latest Issue: A copy of the latest issue of STIR magazine, plus a postcard from a participant, a giant thank you from everyone at Stir to Action and your name listed as a supporter of the campaign on the programme and website.

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The Tote Bag: A tote bag hand printed with a beautiful custom illustration by Matthew Frame originally published in STIR Magazine, plus all of the above: the latest issue of STIR, the postcard, a massive thanks and your name listed as a campaign supporter.

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The T-Shirt: A hand-printed t-shirt, 'Even little things cause a big STIR', custom designed by illustrator Edd Baldry for STIR, plus all of the above! (tote bag, latest issue, postcard, thank you and campaign supporter).

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Pizza with a Philosopher: Have a pizza and talk philosophy in London with internationally renowned philosopher Nina Power. Plus get your hands on the tote bag, the latest issue, a postcard and your name listed as a campaign supporter.

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£85 Reward

The Workshop Place: Pre-book your spot on a workshop of your choice! Plus bag yourself the tote, the latest STIR, a postcard from a participant on another workshop and your name listed as a campaign supporter.

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The Friend of STIR: Get a year 'Friend' subscription plus the t-shirt, the tote, the postcard and featured on our campaign supporters list as a Friend of STIR.

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The Founding Supporter: Become a founding supporter of the STIR workshop series, book yourself and a friend a place on a workshop of your choice and get your name in lights as a founding supporter on our programme and website. Plus you'll get a the t-shirt, the tote bag, the latest issue, and a postcard.

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The Sponsor: You’ll be a sponsor of our Great Transition reference library, as well as a founding supporter of the workshop programme. You’ll get a workshop space for you and a friend, a Friend of STIR subscription, the t-shirt, the tote, the latest issue, and a postcard!

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