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Ongoing project since 2016 to encourage search for hope promoting the Gospel message, designed to let God's Word speak for itself.

by Still Time for Hope in United Kingdom

Hi all passionate Christians, (thank you so much for reading this funding request).

We are looking to raise funds to promote the Gospel message, designed to let God's Word speak for itself, without too much by way of Bible preaching.

The Coronavirus has certainly got people thinking about life and hope beyond our known understanding of it.

According to Quora there are thousands of Christian denominations and so there is way too much confusion, plus with many high profile scandals in churches,
scepticism is rife on"religion".

Our aim is to encourage people to "seek for self" mantra being per Jesus simple teachings, where He said 'I am the way the truth and the life' / 'seek and you will find'.

Bible prophecy strongly suggests that we could be living in the last days before the promised return of Jesus.

Matthew 24:36 is very clear that only God knows the time when He will send Jesus back, and so we want to do as much as possible by way of encouraging people to seek Jesus, or return to Him, whilst there's "Still Time"

We have had a Facebook and Twitter 'community' presence since 2016, with now over 2000 followers across both platforms, (please review our postings to gain a sense of the gentle preaching style).

Funds generated will be used to promote posts and advertise the website within the UK initially, with scope to promote in other English speaking countries.

We are definitely not looking to sell anything or lead people down a particular denomination.

Both funders and non funders are most welcome to get involved in the project, by suggesting posts/tweets, and sharing with their friends.

Facebook and Twitter banner photos can be provided for those passionate about sharing Hope.

We would be most grateful for help with this initiative, the returns are so rewarding knowing that people are being encouraged to seek for hope.

In an on-line social media driven world this is a real opportunity to spread the Gospel message of Hope to many people for relatively little cost.

As an example, we recently spent just £10 promoting a Facebook post and it reached 3,407 people with 865 engagements, with more funds we could clearly reach a bigger audience with God's word.

Please do feel free to get involved in this effort, all donations (of any size) will be fully appreciated, and feedback on progress will be provided on a regular basis, with full transparency, (the aim is to keep the web presence simple and humble).

Thanks for your time - please pray for a blessing on this effort.

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