Stay Wake for 24 hours to help homeless people

Stay Wake for 24 hours to help homeless people


£30 target

Started on 18th October 2021 Shore Rd, Stevenston KA20 3LP, UK

Homelessness is a massive issue in the UK and it is an issue that has concerned Elliott for a long time. 

This year, Elliott (and I) hope you will consider sponsoring us as we stay awake for 24 hours to raise money to help homeless people in the UK. 

Every night, thousands of homeless people lay awake in the freezing cold whilst we sleep safe and cosy in our beds. Homelessness can affect anyone at any time, an unfortunate event or change of circumstances could make any one of us homeless. 

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my sleep, so this will be a challenge, but it is a challenge that means the world to Elliott, because if they can help just one person get off the streets this year, they will be very happy, so I am more than happy to give up my beauty sleep for such an amazing cause!

This October, on the 29th, we will start a timer from 7am and will stay awake until 7am on the 30th of October. We will keep updating our progress and share our activities etc so you can see how well we are doing! 

I know times are tough, but if you could spare even just £1, we would be so incredibly grateful! 

Thank you so much!


Kayleigh Elizabeth
18th October 2021 at 11:53pm

Nothing makes me prouder than being your Mum. Keep being the beautiful, kind, loving person you are! I am so honoured to be part of this with you. Love you so much Elliott! Love from Mum xxx

Kayleigh Elizabeth
18th October 2021 at 11:52pm

pledged £10