Starting a new company

by Jay in Hereford, England, United Kingdom

Starting a new company

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My project aim is to develop a new Private Ambulance Service in order to aid the public and assist the UK's NHS Service.

by Jay in Hereford, England, United Kingdom

I previously set up a Private Ambulance company with a friend in 2017 when I was 24, we started with a very small loan and built the company over the 3 years to be successful. I always held the motto "Patients and service users before profit!"

In October 2020, I secured a large contract for my company on behalf of our local NHS Trust. I was then subjected to being bullied and forced out of the company by another greedy director and have lost everything because of it. I along with another director were forced to leave. 

The staff resigned in protest, the clients cancelled their contracts and the company lost its accreditations within a matter of weeks of me leaving. 

so i cant gain back the company but i can start a fresh 

I am looking to restart again and need help to get much needed funding 

This service would provide crucial assistance, not just to the NHS but to the Public Health sector such as care homes, children and the elderly creating access to services for everyone.

Following my recent experience I am struggling to get back on my feet without any funding for the new business.

I want to to get back to making a difference and helping people through the business while providing jobs for those that recently lost them. 

I want to focus a training department towards supporting those out of work or those looking to start a new career enabling people to better themselves and other.

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