Start Up Sustainable Design Studio Business Plan

by Nermin Tan in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Start Up Sustainable Design Studio Business Plan

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Help empower female designers with creative freedom and ownership, creating a more sustainable and responsible approach for future design

by Nermin Tan in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Born in the Netherlands, I graduated with a BA degree in Conceptual Fashion Design from The Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. After graduation, I landed a position at Vivienne Westwood’s London atelier in 2006. Following my time at Westwood, my passion for sustainability and timeless design led me to a successful career on Savile Row, working for renowned brands like Huntsmans & Sons and on freelance design projects. At both companies, I was the first female designer in their menswear department history and spearheaded successful projects leading to company impact, industry impact, social impact with always questioning what are we leaving to our next generation in my mind.

Reason of starting my own business:

1. After 16 years in the luxury fashion and tailoring industry, I’ve witnessed first-hand the industry’s impact on consumers, employers, the industry and the environment. Inspired by a vision for a more sustainable future, my deep understanding of the industry, compromising positions of females in the industry, witnessing established sustainable heritage brands battling to stay afloat against the tide of fast fashion and luxury, the passion and drive to address the emergency of more transparency in sustainable production and conscious consuming, inclusivity, education and informing the next generation, I know that my experiences have a meaningful purpose. Creating my own sustainable creative problem solving revolution as an indepent designer and connecting with others on the same journey designing ethical and durable products while embracing new technology. With always prioritising and keep working closely with manufacturers and suppliers producing ethically who support their community, and protect heritage, craftsmanship and culture.

A model to empower female designers with creative freedom and ownership:

2. From a designer’s point of view, I’ve been there - pouring my heart into designs, only to see them watered down by chairmen’s and investors’ decisions. It’s a common frustration for designers. Company culture and shifting visions often stifle creativity, leading to burnout and a revolving door of talent. This is not a sustainable system.....but what if there was a better way? Imagine a world where designers are independent consultants, collaborating with companies on projects where both parties are genuinely invested in a sustainable outcome. This model especially empowers female designers (and others) with creative freedom and ownership, while allowing companies to tap into a wider pool of talent and fresh perspectives, creating a more sustainable and responsible approach for future design and creating a new effective design language .

3. I'm currently writing a comprehensive guide for fashion & art students young professionals on how to thrive as professionals in the creative industry(not to survive!). This guide will cover essential topics like portfolio building, networking strategies, how to nurture and build your creative flow, industry insight, navigating the business side and challenges of the creative world and seeing themselves as a business. 

Examples of my work and spearheaded projects: 


That is why I am leaping and starting my sole trading business, where I offer transformative design solutions that elevate and expand brands through a focus on creative problem-solving, re-design, innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship, culture, heritage, and inclusivity. My background is in the high end of the fashion industry, craftsmanship and lifestyle industry. 

My approach is to re-evaluate and re-design existing products, add new designs and produce ethical and durable products and services through collaboration. My design philosophy ‘Create Future Heritage’, empowers clients and companies to elevate their brands while safeguarding their heritage and identity by positively impacting the world and the next generation. With my business model, my goal is to inspire and empower other female designers with creative freedom and ownership while allowing companies to tap into a wider pool of talent and fresh perspectives. 


By securing this funding, I can launch my 12-month business development plan, propelling my artistic career towards sustainable growth. As a highly skilled and independent female designer, I value creative freedom and ownership. I aim to establish myself as a successful design consultant through strategic collaboration.

This funding will enable me to acquire technical supplies such as a laptop, work phone/camera, access to creative applications, press machine, fabrics, research new technical fabrics, research & development, execute 3d + 4D prototyping and to set up a professional design studio to start my first six months development stage.

Business Plan Development Stages:

The first six months will be dedicated to in-depth research, trend analysis, attending key industry tradeshows, and seminars, sustainable material sourcing, sketching, prototyping new designs, 3d +4d prototyping, incorporating of AI, expanding my design portfolio to pitch innovative ideas focussed on creative problem solving and consulting an Intellectual Property lawyer to secure my design projects.

The following six months I will focus on securing collaborations and pitching my innovative design solutions to companies in the fashion, design and lifestyle industries.

 I am confident this plan will ensure my long-term success as an independent design consultant with 16 years wealth of experiences. I would be happy to discuss this further and provide a detailed business plan and breakdown of the budget.

To see more visuals, design processes and spearheaded projects regarding design, innovation, championing females on Savile Row, company, social and industry impact of my work  go to: 

Portfolio Website Nermin Tan








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