by Anjishnu Noor Purnota in Poole, England, United Kingdom

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STARGAZER follows an estranged, disconnected family on a journey through the stars as they come together after a recent loss.

by Anjishnu Noor Purnota in Poole, England, United Kingdom

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Space Cadet

You're rising up the ranks, Cadet! Be the first one to see the film! You will receive a private link to our film as well as all the prior rewards!!

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Space Academy Recruit

Welcome to the STARGAZER Universe, Recruit! For your honourable contribution, get a copy of our digital poster and a thank you note written by the film's crew members emailed to you!

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Space Pilot Trainee

You're almost there, future Pilot. You're really getting the hang of letting this film take flight. And now, some tunes for the journey. Be one of the first to get a digital copy of our exclusive soundtrack album as well all the prior rewards!!

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Spaceship Pilot

Woah there! You're now getting this film off the ground and into space. As you've made it to the esteemed rank of Pilot, have an Official STARGAZER metal crew badge pin with the film's name on it. You will also receive all prior rewards as well!

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Spaceship Captain

Hello Captain! Glad to have you on board. You're helping us guide our way through the metaphorical constellations in the filmmaking universe. This rank gets your name in the credits! You will also have our Interactive Star Map Poster delivered to you; you will be able to listen to our ship captain’s log for each planet illustrated in the poster. As well as these you will receive all prior rewards

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Spacefleet Admiral

The big guns. Admiral, we welcome your presence on this production. As well as receiving all our exciting prior rewards, you will officially be credited on the film and IMDB as our Associate Producer.

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Blimey. You know everything about the universe. You're not just a STARGAZER but also a star in our eyes! Be credited on the film and IMDB as our official Executive Producer. You will also be receiving all of our exciting prior rewards


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