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by Stallion Community Hub CIC in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

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Stallion Community Hub CIC aim to utilise the art of boxing as a vehicle to transform the lives of existing and future generations!

by Stallion Community Hub CIC in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

Stallion Community Hub CIC is run by an experienced and well respected team of leaders, who have committed to initially invest their spare time on a voluntary basis, to grow the business and diversify the services that we can offer our communities.

We have already gathered the support of local community members and proved that there is the demand for the service that we want to offer. As a result, we are aiming to raise as close to £25K as possible. The purpose of this is to cover the first years running costs of our delivery. This will enable us to; 

  • offer free services to our current cohort of young people and those that are disadvantaged.
  • be competitive when approaching commissioners for future funding, for the purpose of delivering a diverse range of free services for our community.

With your help to get us motoring, we can achieve this! 

Please see more information about Stallion Community Hub CIC below: 

 Stallion Community Hub CIC take our students on a life journey! We know how to deliver the best possible outcomes for our beneficiaries and communities.

 We are not the run of the mill amateur boxing club! We believe that we are a community service and utilise the art of boxing as an opportunity to connect with the members of our local community and a vehicle to positively transform lives! We do this by deploying a holistic approach that focusses on four main areas of development;


•      Values – Complete integrity; living a life that’s underpinned by strong moral principles.

•      Health and Wellbeing – Understanding the benefits of exercise and healthy eating to improve health and wellbeing.

•      Technical Skills – The fundamental skills of the art of boxing.

•      Skills for Life - Enhanced knowledge and using this knowledge to make better social, physical, intellectual, communicational and emotional decisions.


Inclusion for all!

Unfortunately, society isn’t always very tolerant of people who are deemed to be different! As a result, not all services are accessible. 

 We at Stallion Community Hub CIC try to reverse that narrative by not viewing individuals as defective and embrace and harness the many strengths and talents that each student possesses!

 We believe in being inclusive! We adapt our teaching and assessment methods to suit our students learning style and create an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. We ensure that those that most need our support are provided with an equal opportunity to flourish; regardless of their ability or background!

 Our team of coaches have vast experience and the skills to effectively work with students that are considered to be neuro diverse and/or live with mental and physical health conditions.

 Stallion Community Hub CIC aim to be a preventative intervention. However, we recognise that some people have either already made some bad decisions in life or have experienced adversity for reasons outside of their control. As such, we are also a reactive intervention!

 Below are some examples of specific cohorts that could benefit from our support;

•      Those that have experienced or at risk of experiencing ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’ (ACE’s) - enabling a positive transition into adulthood.

•      Exploitation of Children e.g. County Lines - enabling a positive transition to a life of well informed choices and improved decision making.

•      Victims of crime - enabling a positive transition to life following an adverse experience.

•      Ex-offenders - enabling a positive transition to life after serving a sentence.

 As our services are aimed at enabling individuals to optimise their potential, we will work with anybody that needs our support!

 Although we aim to progress students through our talent management programme and produce boxing champions of the future, we do recognise that not all of our students want to compete.  As such, we ensure that nobody feels pressured to engage in sparring or competition. 

 The personal journey we take our students on, will result in the student achieving far more than just a trophy or a belt; we want to create community champions! 

 Below are some of the outcomes that we aim to achieve:

  • More capable and well rounded individuals.
  • The ability to form effective relationships.
  • Greater resilience/the ability to effectively manage difficult situations and the impact.
  • Capability and capacity to adapt to changing environments.
  • Greater influence over their life.
  • Self-awareness; how an individual’s choices and behaviour impact themselves and others.
  • Increased trust and respect.
  • The ability to effectively manage health and well-being – physical and mental fitness.
  • Improved motivation and engagement - accountability and responsibility
  • Greater confidence/self-belief and self-worth.
  • Accelerated progress and greater productivity.
  • Greater ability to reflect and act – the creation of a clearer perspective and informed decision making (Greater self-awareness)
  • Improved values/emotional/social intelligence.
  • Skills for life.


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