STAKEhaus - Get up and go! Street Food start up

by lilybovey in London

We did it
On 4th May 2015 we successfully raised £7,220 with 24 supporters in 21 days

STAKEhaus is my street food brainchild. We serve up slammin Steak & Chips but need a little extra help!

by lilybovey in London

New stretch target

Any extra money raised will all help towards realising the STAKEhaus dream. The more money i have in the bank the more events i can get in the diary. If i manage to exceed my own expections i will focus on developing the website, creating a shorter promo video and be able to buy things like Van insurance without breaking the bank.

Thank you, Thank you and THANK YOU again!

Firstly thank you for taking the time to visit my page.

This is a fundrasier for my street food company STAKEhaus, we require a sum of £7,000 so that we can buy essential peices of kit to get fully up, running and operational. You may or may not have seen the STAKEhaus out in action but just so you are aware we have completed a sucession of 3 x street food events over the past few weeks. These were small events but only achieveable because of the help I recived from friends and family.

The next step now is to finish what i've started with STAKEhaus and to do this I will require a little help from you!


An introduction to STAKEhaus:

To put it simply STAKEhaus is a steak house in its purest form. We aim to serve up great steak and chips in a way that is just as affordable as it is delicious. We are available for Private Parties, Festivals, Street food events and other events




The street food scene in London is booming at the moment and I intend for STAKEhaus to become a big contender amongst the competition. The concept of Steak & Chips isn’t exactly original, but at the moment there isn’t many other people out there doing it like me. I plan to harness the familiarity of 'Steak Frites', make it my own and bring it to an already willing audience.

The initial reaction to STAKEhaus has been phenomenal and we have managed to pre-book a lot events coming up over the summer. With the guarantee of new equipment I can only hope to book even more – the aim is to be out trading every weekend from now until winter!!


The Money $£$£

The sum of £7,000 may seem like a lot for a company that is technically up and running but at the moment I still need some vital bits of kit to streamline my processes. I also have borrowed money to get me this far and will need to ensure this is paid back ;)

Items I wish to buy include:

  • A Van for transporting all my trader kit. (£2,000-£3,000)
  • Cool boxes (£200)
  • Chip Scuttles (£200)
  • Hand washing unit (£300)
  • A new gas fryer (£1000)
  • Insurance and other documentation (£500)
  • Advance pitch fees (ranging from £100's to £1000's)


With all of these last little bits I have every confidence that STAKEhaus can succeed. If you are willing to help me reach my goals by donating money I will be forever grateful to you. I have finally been able to find something I’m truly passionate about but the truth is I’m only just getting started.

For more information on the idea behind STAKEhaus, please take a look at this interview I completed for Peardrop London:

Lily x


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more

£10 Reward


£30 or more

£30 Reward

You'll receive a hand painted original STAKEhaus t-shirt!

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Receive 2 x FREE STEAK VOUCHERS along with a hand painted original STAKEhaus T-shirt!

£150 or more

£150 Reward

Get 6 x FREE STEAK vouchers to be used at your discretion. Come find us over the summer months to redeem!

£500 or more

1 of 10 claimed

£500 Reward

Receive a MEAT BOX delivered to your door for 4 months! We will contact you with regards to your preferences. (UK only)

£1,000 or more

3 of 5 claimed

£1,000 Reward

Let me come and cater for an event of your choice. STEAK FOR EVERYBODY! (50-60 person max, dates TBC, UK only)

£2,000 or more

1 of 4 claimed

£2,000 Reward

Let me cater for a large event of your choice!! Perfect for the summer weather! (Max 150 person, dates TBC, UK only)

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