Bringing our sketch show ED to London!

by James Carroll in Sale, England, United Kingdom

Bringing our sketch show ED to London!
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We need your help to bring 50 minutes of tight sketch comedy to the Canal Cafe Theatre in London 22-24 July 2024!

by James Carroll in Sale, England, United Kingdom


Bringing ED to London after Edinburgh success

We need your support to bring ‘Ed: the totally unofficial ginger-inclusive sketch show’ to London’s Canal Cafe Theatre for three performances 22-24 July, following a successful run at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe. 

‘Ed’ is 50-minutes of tight sketch comedy and Sheeran-adjacent pop hits, with a glittering live band and 19-year-old Rosie Parrish in the title role. We’d like to use these London dates to further develop the show to compete with fringe theatre in the UK and beyond.


Ed (right) meets Gunter Streamingson at Streaming HQ.

Progress to date

We’ve come far, progressing from Cambridge Theatre to a London showcase to the Edinburgh Fringe, earning incredible reviews:

5 Stars from Theatre Scotland:
‘Ed is a non-stop train of comedy chaos.’ [...] ‘Genius, intimate, and such a good time.’ [...] ‘The writers and directors Alex Mentzel and James Carroll have hit it out of the park with this one, fantastic humour and tons of fun, as well as excellent parody songs.’ [...] ‘This type of show is what makes the Fringe.’ [...] ‘A diamond.’

Double 5 Stars from Ed Fringe Review and Editor's Pick:

‘Every second of this performance is comedy gold’ [...] ‘Parrish is the perfect Ed’ [...] ‘It is the unrelenting performances of Mentzel and Williamson that truly make the show’ [...] ‘Uproarious imitations of every A-list singer under the sun, and the actors shout and sing what is surely more jokes per minute than 'The Office’ [...] ‘Intelligently written, and unafraid of having fun’ [...] ‘You will laugh, and you will hope that the next time you go to watch this (there will be a next time) that it is on a much bigger stage.’

5 Stars from Theatre Thoughts Australia:
‘Ferocious commitment by its cast, whip-smart writing.’ [...] ‘Ed is beautifully playful.’ [...] ‘The energy is intoxicating.’ [...] ‘The most ridiculous amount of fun you can have at the end of your Fringe night, for Ginger and dull-haired audiences alike.’

4.5 Stars from One4Review:

‘It's absolutely brilliant.’ [...] ‘A proper Fringe sketch show.’ [...] ‘Energetic and full of glee.’ [...] ‘It's funny, it's current and it's dynamic.’


Ed dreams (and sings) about finding ginger friends.

Further developing a hit show

However, mounting a high-quality production, while giving our cast and crew everything they need to perform at their best, requires additional support. 

We want to cement ED’s place in the tradition of innovative sketch comedy shows breaking the mould of surname (MITCHELL AND WEBB) or place-based (THE 'X' REVUE) titles. Instead, we’re going themed (think POLICE COPS: THE MUSICAL) with the potential for a long commercial life.

What we need to make it happen

The budget below highlights how we are aiming to raise £3,959 by 31st May 2024. This goal can be reached in a number of ways, for example: 

  • 4 supporters, each donating £1,000,
  • OR 10 supporters, with 5 donating £600, and 5 donating £200.

Your support will help Ed reach its full potential, and cover essential costs like professional videography, a professional musical director, a full musical score for the production to own, and a suite of promotional materials to secure future iterations of the project.

If you are able to give £10, £50, £200, £600, or £1000, we would love to hear from you. Every donation, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to achieving this vision. We are deeply grateful for any contribution.


Rosie Parrish as Ed and Stella Williamson as Billie Eilish (background).

Estimated Budget


Videography — £950

Digital ads — £380

Bar marketing — £80

Local newspaper/online advertorial — £285

Flyers and posters — £120

Programme printing — £40


Full Musical Score — £250

Printing and postage — £50

Venue deposit — £70

Musical Director — £1,000

Props and costume — £50

Band transport — £80

Insurance — £100

Welfare/company support — £50

Music licensing — £25

Rehearsal space — £100

Venue staff ops — £140

Subtotal — £3,770

Contingency 5% — £189


We've already received £450 in pledges so our new total is is £3,509!

Cast and Crew Biographies

Rosie Parrish (Ed): Rosie is currently in her second year studying history at the University of Cambridge. Recent acting credits include starring as Rachel Crabbe in a production of ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS at the ADC, Cambridge. She has experience in directing as well as acting and also enjoyed her time as a technician on the ETG European tour of HAMLET. Music has always played a large part in Rosie’s life; highlights include being a choral director of a 40-person choir and a big band singer, performing with both the band and choir in Essex, York, Barcelona, and Lake Garda, Italy. 

Stella Williamson (Ensemble): Stella is a second-year student studying Modern and Medieval Languages at the University of Cambridge. Recently, she originated the role of Mary of Nazareth in a new musical showcased in Cambridge about the three Marys in Jesus’ life and is currently recording for its concept album to be released on Spotify. She also performs in a student band.

Alex Mentzel (Co-Writer and Director; Ensemble): Alex is a current PhD student at the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar. Recent credits include co-directing and co-writing the augmented reality performance piece FAUST SHOP (Cambridge Centre for Digital Humanities) and Jack McCracken in A SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS (ADC Theatre), Tobias Ragg in SWEENEY TODD (Eugene Opera), Gabriel Conroy in James Joyce’s THE DEAD (UO Theatre), a Dalton Academy Warbler on Fox’s Glee, and Quinn Baxter on NBC’s Grimm. He has taught musical theatre, improv comedy workshops, and choreography to students in the US and in Europe.

Katie Kasperson (Publicity Design): Katie is a writer and photographer based in London, UK. She attended the College of William & Mary and the University of Cambridge where she studied psychology and education, respectively. Her previous theatre credits include directing AN OPEN BOOK (Corpus Christi Playroom, 2022), and she's been with ED since it originated at Magdalene College, Cambridge. In her spare time, Katie can be found wandering local gardens, drinking green tea, shopping for journals, or logging films on Letterboxd.

James Carroll (Co-Writer and Producer): James is a speechwriter and political consultant. He was previously director of broadcast at a talent agency. He has produced and appeared in sketch shows with Grad Life at the Canal Cafe Theatre in London and as a pianist for the touring drag troupe Dragtime. He originated the role of Marvin in the workshop production of LOSERVILLE by James Bourne and Elliot Davis, which went on to be nominated for an Olivier Award for Best New Musical. Not Yet Home ( helps to develop books, campaigns, television, theatre and podcasts.

Freya Prince (Bass): Freya recently finished her final year of music and played for ED during its Edinburgh Fringe run in 2023. She hadn’t listened to much Ed Sheeran before then, but she can promise that you’ll love the show, even if you aren’t too familiar with his music.

Daniel Patterson (Drums): Daniel is delighted to be working with the team again after drumming for ED at Edinburgh Fringe. He has been playing drums for about nine years and hopes to make a career out of it.


Stella Williamson and Alex Mentzel as members of the Music Mafia.

Press materials


LONDON, UK – April 2024 – A late-night comedy parodying Ed Sheeran’s rise to stardom returns to The Canal Cafe Theatre in July after a sold-out run in 2022 and five star reviews at Edinburgh Fringe 2023. 

Accompanied by a glittering live band and transferring from Edinburgh Fringe last summer, don’t miss Ed: the totally unofficial ginger-inclusive sketch show, charting the story of the ginger pop sensation who just wants to play music. He’s our ginger hero!

Starring Rosie Parrish alongside an ensemble cast, Ed combines joyful comedy, first-class musical talent and a kid with suspiciously decent guitar skills. Can Ed survive fame, fortune and being ginger? 

A cheeky and raucous night out, slammin’ music industry peccadilloes and championing auburn culture, with remixed pop hits. 


Compared to the works of Bo Burnham (Varsity newspaper) and featuring multiple inauthentic gingers, Ed is packed with parody remixes of pop songs, character sketches and cameo appearances including a sequin-jacketed Rocket Man.

Nineteen-year-old Rosie Parrish, who made her Edinburgh Fringe debut last summer as Ed, said: ‘Aside from being a brunette, female, guitar-less teenager, I’m enjoying bringing out my inner ginger. I believe the Ed Sheeran experience is inside us all’.

Audience members also have the chance to participate onstage in a live game show. The show is classic sketch comedy with a modern twist, and best consumed after dinner or drinks (or both).

Praise for Ed:


‘A non-stop train of comedy chaos ... This type of show is what makes Fringe ... The writers and directors have hit it out of the park with this one ...  This show is a diamond’

★★★★★ Theatre Scotland

'Incredible vocals, witty lyrics ... Out-there, intelligently written, and unafraid of having fun ... Not Yet Home Productions provide a rip-roaring, hilarious parody'

★★★★★ Ed Fringe Review

'Every second of this fifty minute performance is comedy gold ... Not a single joke is flawed'  

★★★★★ Ed Fringe Review

'The most ridiculous amount of fun you can have'

★★★★★ Theatre Thoughts Australia

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Rosie Parrish as Ed performs the 'Catholic Rap'. 


The official poster for ED's London run.

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