Sponsor A Box!: Xmas Campaign

by Richards Enterprise in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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Sponsor a box is all about encouraging communities to come together & spread love to those who are in need. We all have a part to play!

by Richards Enterprise in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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Sponsor A Box is an on-going campaign that will continue to see boxes gifted to people from all different walks of life.

As individuals, it is easy to turn a blind eye to things that don't directly affect us. You may think that the scale of the problem is way to big for you to tackle alone, so whats the point? The truth is, you're right. In order to effectively tackle the problem it takes strength and influence that comes from the joint effort of a collective. As a community of people, who all share this wonderful world, the responsibility falls on all of our shoulders. We all have a part to play!

We are family of 3 who believe that we are blessed to bless others. We created this campaign to encourage and inspire others to do the same. An act of kindness often costs nothing but means everything. 

This christmas we are launching Sponsor A Box! We will reach out to local homeless charities and Children's homes, within the Midlands area, to find individuals to Gift christmas Boxes to. We are asking that you sponsor the cost of a box (£7) to help us reach as many individuals as possible and spread a little love after such a challenging year.

Adult Gift Boxes Will Include items such as:

Hats & Gloves


Hand Warmers

Sanitary Products

Seasonal gift

Hand Sanitiser

Food Vouchers

Child Gift Boxes will Include items such as:


Diary/ Journals

Seasonal Gift

Sweet treat

Christmas Crafts

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