Speymouth environmental initiative

by Innes Community Council in Mosstodloch, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Aan aerial LIDAR scan and video footage of a section the River Spey too obtain data to design a flood prevention scheme

by Innes Community Council in Mosstodloch, Scotland, United Kingdom

The River Spey is an iconic salmon river and very dynamic, especially in the last 3 miles of its course.  With global warming, increased rainfall has increased the number of floods sicnificantly.  Because of that and lack of bank management in recent years the river has moved 600 yards westwards.   It is about to destroy one  house.  From there its course will go westwards towards Lower Garmouth.  Once it reaches that point 10 houses and the local sewage treatment works are under severe threat.    The increased flooding (10 days since Octoober, 2020) causes the golf course to become damaged on a regular basis and the number of playing days severly restricted affecting the clubs income.     The constant movement and erosion of the river banks is causing severe damage to both the aquatic environment as well as the surrounding landscape.       Because of the movent of course, the river no longer has the power to wash gravel out to sea and is being deposited in such a manner as to increase the floooding levels and frequency.     Constant erosion in some areas and deposition of gravel in others is destroying agricultural land and as well as habitat for birds and mamals.

We are raising funds to have the Spey river and adjacent land professionally scanned using drones and a LIDAR camera to get data on shape and elevation of the land surface inorder to be able to develop a greater plan on where and how engineering works can be best carried out to guide the river back to its old and sustainable course.      LIDAR camera use a laser beam to measure and plot the features of the land surface giving a map laid out with contour lines or in a 3Dformat.


The true cost of damages and losses to the villageresidents and others in the past 10 years from flooding events is £1.87 million.  Those losses are not recoverable. From the LIDAr pictures, plans can be drawn up and properly costed to carry out works that will benefit the river, the environment and the local community through safety from flood events.

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