Spencer Lynx

RCN 1188217, London

Spencer Lynx promotes community participation in healthy recreation, by providing free weekly hockey training to children attending state schools, primarily in the London boroughs of Wandsworth and Lambeth.

This fundraiser is for the Spencer Lynx Bursary Fund.

Spencer Lynx is committed to making hockey accessible to everyone in the community. Our aim is to increase children's physical and mental wellbeing, while providing all the benefits of being part of a local club. Our members come from state primary schools, and we offer them 2 years' free hockey training, including all kit and equipment. But our work does not stop after the 2 years comes to an end. Indeed, we very much hope that many of our Lynx members will want to continue playing hockey, and we are committed to making that happen.

Hockey is an expensive sport, and cost is one of the most significant barriers to participation in sport. Some of our Lynx members' families may struggle to meet the cost of club membership and/or costs of kit and equipment. And this is why we have set up the Spencer Lynx Bursary Fund. By way of example, the approximate cost of funding one child through their first season of hockey at Spencer Hockey Club is £450 (including membership fee, stick, kit and all protective equipment). We very much hope that they will want to continue beyond that first season, all the way to U18 - that's 7 seasons of hockey. Not every season will cost the same, as new kit won't be needed every year, but equipment costs are likely to increase with the child's development. A rough calculation would put a junior club career at around £3000.

We welcome donations of any size, from individuals, companies or other organisations. You can make a general donation, or a donation to our Lifetime Bursary Award, which will fund one player throughout their junior hockey career to age 18 - for this just enter 'Lifetime' in the comments box when you make your donation. 

As a charity, with your permission, we are able to claim gift aid on individuals' donations. For those that run their own companies, or whose employers might be able to donate, donations may be deducted from company profits before calculation of corporation tax payable.



David Lloyd-Williams
21st September 2022 at 11:26am

pledged £40

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