Spectrumental & The MMHM Project

by Leanne Morgan in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Spectrumental & The MMHM Project

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We are 100% dedicated to dedicating our time, knowledge and personal experiences to provide a safe community for Men and women.

by Leanne Morgan in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

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On the 22nd August 2020 we'd raised £376 with 14 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Welcome to Spectrumental & The MMHM Project it is fantastic to have you onboard as part of our  mission.

Team spectrumental are individuals who all bring something different to the table. We all have experience and knowledge in mental health & Autism. We are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose but we can offer help, support, information advice and guidance.
S1593768040_20200701_215015_0000.pngome of us have gone through a range of different life experiences to do with mental health and autism which means we have a personal perspective on these areas .Between us we have over 30 years experince of working in the care industry working with children, young people and adults with profound learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health problems and also invisible illnesses.

We can relate to how people are feeling and can make a connection with the person who needs help. This means people feel more able to open up with us as we have our own personal experiences and this makes us relatable.

My team and I want to bring a community together where support and guidance is accessable for everyone, they then have a support system they can rely on with us. We pride ourselves on not judging people, giving 100% confidentiality in anything that we talk about and also giving everyone the respect and time they deserve.

We help to build up peoples confidence by advising, supporting and listning to help anyone who needs that listning ear.
Their are so many people waiting for an appointment letter alone a diagnosis and this can be a tough lonely journey.

That is where we come in we're here to help anybody by talking to them to help them take the first steps in accepting, acknowledging then encouraging them to seek professional input to get the help support ,help and answers.

Our support service we offer through the open diary and Lets talk is donation based once a donation has been made to a charity we have chosen to support we then go ahead and book you in to give you our full time ,support, advice ,help research any information, links that you may want that are helpful for the individual.

What is our mission? For too long my own personal experiences of how little support there is out there for those who seek help when they think their children are on the autism spectrum or a family or friend have begun to see a change in how they are feeling and begin to acknowledge they are experiencing shifts in mood and thoughts or having other symptoms.

They're simply isn't enough support or help out there and what there is, is very hard to come by either because of a shortage of staff, money issues or the waiting list can be horrendously long.

So we pride ourselves in being what I like to think the cake you have your GP appointment they refer you you're then waiting and nothing in between well that's us we are the middle filling for those individuals who need us before their next appointment with health care professionals.

We are 100% dedicated to dedicating our time, knowledge and personal experiences to provide a safe community for Men and women to have full support through the content we share daily to help widen peoples understanding and help them learn and through learning stamping out stigmas and taboos that sadly engulf these subjects. We also offer support through our Open Diary and Let's Talk schemes.

This community is to build each other up and empower each other in finding their voices in the crowd through our regular Making Connections to both areas all the team have personal experiences of and also worked in which help us be relatable.
Three years we have been internet-based but our biggest mission of all is taking this out into the community and continuing to help those who need it on a bigger scale.


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