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by Think Biomed ltd in Erith, England, United Kingdom

Specialist diagnostics UK

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created an uncertain landscape for millions, we want to increase testing by building labs run by scientists

by Think Biomed ltd in Erith, England, United Kingdom

Covid 19 has led to uncertainty for millions across the world. We would like to raise funding to set up a series of molecular testing laboratories across the UK to increase the testing capacity and provide jobs to as many people as possible.

What if you could get a COVID 19 (SARS CoV-2 RNA) PCR, the test that tell you if you have the virus or not, a fully validated and recognised sensitive test within 6 hours?


What if you could register to get tested at home on your computer or on your phone, given a time to walk into secure area and get a sample taken in under 30 seconds?


What if your results were available to you on your phone, results analysed by experts and with AI interpretation?


What if your tests were processed by qualified registered scientist over seen by Doctors and Virologists with over 40 years of experience in the field?


What if the investment to set up this collection and testing centre meant that the tests are accessible for all?

Testing 1320 patients at one site in 24 hours, more if we sample through until midnight

What if we had all the plans and budget and experience to set this all up as soon as we secure funding?


We are a group of scientists, clinicians, virologists and experts in Molecular Biology and PCR, who are disappointed by the governments response and tired of the systems not delivering essential results, when we know it can be done and when we have shown it can be done!

What we need is a collaborative effort to achieve this a investment quickly to start this set-up, we are happy to share our plans, as soon as the goal is reached and before funds are withdrawn. We need this to be done fast as flu season approaches. This investment will allow us to purchase equipment and start testing as quickly as possible.  

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