Sparkles Christmas and beyond food hampers

by SPARKLE FOOD PARCELS in Angmering, England, United Kingdom

Sparkles Christmas and beyond food hampers


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weekly food parcels, for struggling families effected by covid! I've provided Christmas hampers but I want to provide all year round support

by SPARKLE FOOD PARCELS in Angmering, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

I want to turn sparkles parcels into a registered charity! To provide big parcels, take food close to its sell by date and give to those that can use it instead of it going to landfill thus helping the environment too

So many families and Individuals struggle, the cost of living has risen, even those working full time have struggles, bring in a pandemic and worlds go pear shaped, redundancies, working restrictions guidelines and rules to follow, I just bring food relief, once a week I pop along with a food parcel to provide support and ease some of the stress! 

I'm providing Christmas hampers for families, but I want to look to the future, I want to provide this service through 2021,2022 — 2032 etc etc etc. 

I want people to know I'm always able to help them, once their back on their feet that I'm still there when ever they pick up the phone, but that cannot happen without donations, so this is where I have my crowdfunder, with your support I can keep buying food when it's needed, Jan - Feb through to October and November!! Please help me to continue to help others in our community!! 

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