by Jess Hamlett in Brighton, , United Kingdom


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Showcasing new talent in front of and behind camera! We're bold, passionate filmmakers that want to create a magnetic and compelling piece.

by Jess Hamlett in Brighton, , United Kingdom

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On the 7th May 2022 we'd raised £350 with 11 supporters in 67 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


We are a team of talented film students creating our final filmmaking piece for the year, and we really could use help securing funding to support the artists and filmmakers! This story is about sisterhood, guardianship, questioning reality,  extra terrestrial contact and many layers more to unfold. As a production company, we believe in fair and equal respect, freedom of creative expression and accurate, dynamic representations of minority groups in interesting and authentic narratives.






Check out our props artwork designed by local Brighton artist Lauren Rawlinson!



This piece is centred around Meryl and Dani, close sisters, live alone after the death of their father. Meryl is infatuated with making contact with an alien lifeforce from the Planet Topur. Dani is worried that her sister is delving too far deep in her imaginations and is beginning to become desperate. 



We want to capture a serious tone in discussing Meryl's mental health, the loss of her father plays a key role in her struggles and she frequently manifests his image in a way to cope. 


We're sourcing funding to pay the cast, composers, crew and artists, as well as purchasing props and admissions to film festivals. So far as a crew we are using what little money we all have, but with your help we could really give back to the community of artists and performers. 

Meet the Crew:


Buster Cassin: Director & Writer @buster.cassin_


Alex Andrews: Director of Photography @alexwerdnafilms


Jess Hamlett: Line Producer @thatjcut

We shall all be taking on multiple roles throughout the production but also shall be looking to for assistance in some of the crew and cast roles; so please do get in contact if you would like to be considered to participate. 

The script is written by our marvellously talented director Buster Cassin.  It follows the whimsical journey of Meryl who seeks communication from an other worldly species. She lives with her elder sister Dani who takes care of Meryl after the passing of their parents. They have a very strong and unique bond. We hope to represent and present local talent in our casting choices and to simultaneously display the spectacular backdrop of Brighton as a cinematic setting for our piece. 

We are seeking funding to make this script a spectacular reality, we aim to pay all of our contributing crew and cast for their time and efforts. It is a core belief of the team that we would like to support our local community of artists and create a  unique and well developed short film. 


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For this you have our thanks and adoration, thank you for supporting us and the artists of our crew & cast!

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We shall send you a digital copy/link for the film for you to share with your friends!

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You shall receive a written letter of thanks from the whole crew, and a digital link to the finished piece. Plus your name will also be added to the end film credits as a thank you!

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You shall also receive a thank you letter, poster and digital copy, plus we shall keep you personally informed of film festival nominations should you wish to attend the events to see your name in the credits! Please note this does not include transportation expenses etc.

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Producers Credit

If you are interested in substantially financially supporting this piece please consider this option, this reward shall allow you to work with our Line Producer. You shall be listed on the credits and invited to any Film Festival nominations and screenings.

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