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Create localised communities by regenerating land, focussed on improving human health thorough our connection to the food we eat.

by Sow & Grow Revolution in Essex, United Kingdom

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Who we are.

Three friends with a shared purpose. To bring back microbiology to the land of the UK. We are all passionate about life and protecting it. We are John, Joe and George, based in Essex with a big passion for making compost and regenerating the land. Each of us have our unique skill sets and passions. John is the soil man, George is the lead on nutrition and Joe is the man who can build anything.

Our website where you can find out more about us and resources.

 For the past couple of years we have been focussing on growing organic nutritionally dense food, using a number of different methods. I myself, have used permaculture and no dig methods at my allotment and home garden for the previous two years.

The Problem

For the past 60 years, the agricultural industry has relied upon external artificial fertilizers which not only poison and toxify the plants we eat, but these fertilizers find their way through the soil food web, and affect earthworm, arthropod and small mammal populations, as well as birds, livestock and ultimately ourselves.

Studies show that our food grown in the conventional way are between 10-90% more deficient in nutrients than they were 60 years ago. Imagine what this is doing to our bodies. Who can we hold responsible and accountable? Well of course big industry and governments have a big part to play in the poisoning of our planet. In my humble opinion, there are no safe quantities that these pesticides and other toxins. Not to mention that by continuing to employ the current methods of huge scale industrial farming can only make the climate crisis even worse, we will lose more native species and further degradation of the water tables and aquifers.

Unfortunately, even organically grown food, is in the most part lacking essential micro and trace minerals. These minerals are in the sub soil, however, without the correct biology plants are unable to access them. Moreover, many organic farmers still plough their soil, which results in oxidization, flat panning and compaction, which leads to a see/saw effect of drought and flood in the soil itself. Which results in more time and effort spent on playing catch up.

Because of the current crisis' happening around the world, farmers in UK/Europe and the US, are facing extremely tough winters, rising fertilizer prices, as well as continued restrictions on how they can farm. Many farmers are being bought out by their governments and big ag. I wonder where the food will come from and how this will affect prices and availability for the consumer. This along with the higher prices for energy, in my mind further reinforces the need for local and natural sourced products

Our Solution

Our aim is to supply biologically rich compost to home growers, veg box schemes and local farms with the goal of regenerating the land. Using a number of techniques to inoculate the compost with biologically rich life. 

We are calling for localised, empowered and interactive communities which puts food, water and general health at its core, built on foundations of cooperation and harmony with nature.

The Science behind it.

When we observe a natural habitat, such as a woodland or forest, there is a balance which exists between all of the organisms, from the bacteria and fungi to the birds and foraging mammals. This balance creates a healthy, disease and pest resistant eco system, which is based on new life being created from the the decomposition of organic matter. This nutrient cycle, which forms part of natural farming, is the key component of enabling the biology in the soil to be taken up by plants when going through their different growth cycles which is fundamental to plant, health, soil health and human health.

Microorganisms (soil biology) have two main functions; the first is to break down complex organic compounds like dead plant and animal tissues, as well as waste products and make them available in soluble forms which are then readily available for plant nutrition. Through this process they can then produce enzymes and lactic acids which help to fight off pathogens, disease and pests.

Our purpose is to enable people who are passionate about locally grown food, using local natural inputs and creating strong communities that support each other through the alignment of human health and respect for the Earth.


Without a thorough understanding of natural cycles through observation and interaction and supported by the science behind it, we as human beings will not be able to adapt to the changing environment in years to come and future generations. When we are able to rely on our own knowledge, based on how our ancestors knowledge and the few indigenous tribes that exist today and not rely on industry and corporate agenda, we will be able to adapt to changing circumstances. 

We would all in our opinion be best to look to nature for the solutions that we need to the problems we face. Any synthetic alternative to fix our problems, is not only fraught with unknown dangers , it also will never be able to bring back balance and harmony to the land and to our own hearts. 

We are calling on everyone who has an affinity with the land, nature, or the source of it all, to support us however they can. Bringing back biological balance to the land is how we can solve many of the problems that face humanity. The only way we can do this is to look to nature for the answers. This isn't just for our generation, this is for all future generations to come.

Thank you for reading about our project. Even if you don't decide to donate, maybe you could look inside yourself and find a way best for you to connect yourself back to nature.


This project offered rewards

£40 or more


The amazing soil amendment, BioChar, is in a league of it's own. Able to hold 3 times more water than soil and creates a home for those all essential microbiology, which enables your soil to be healthy and abundant with life. We inoculate the biochar and add it to our compost. (Unfortunately, because of increasing postal costs, we can only send this product to the UK.)

£15 or more

Hand Made Soap

Organic hand made soap, with essential oils and fragrances, made by us with the same care as we treat the land. Unfortunately, because of increasing postal costs, we can only send this product to the UK.

£20 or more

Heirloom seeds

These are heirloom, open pollinated seeds, symbolising self sufficiency and living a regenerative way of life. We believe the most empowering step is to plant your seeds, nurture it to grow, enjoy the harvest and save the seeds for next year. This way you will not have to rely on anyone else, save money, eat the healthiest food and be able to share your food and seeds with the people in your community. There are no losers when you sow and grow.

£30 or more

Soil Amendment

1 litre of our home made organic soil amendment. This could be worm tea, compost tea, or natural farming nutrients. These are all created by us, using locally sourced materials and regenerative methods that are also developed with absolute respect for the environment and a continual desire to become the best at what we do. (Unfortunately, because of increasing postal costs, we can only send this product to the UK.)

£30 or more

Educational PDFs, How to's and other content

All educational content is focused on how to create a healthy, harmonious and self-resilient life. From how to make amazing compost, build generators from old parts, permaculture ideas, as well as how to expand your knowledge and skill set every day.

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