Southend Foodbank winter 2021

by Southend Foodbank in Southend-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Southend Foodbank winter 2021


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This winter Southend Foodbank is busier than ever. Your donations keep us giving emergency food aid to people in crisis locally.

by Southend Foodbank in Southend-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

This is a hard winter for many people across Southend and Rochford, and beyond.
Rising fuel and food prices, and people struggling with low incomes and cuts to the Universal Credit payment, means an increasing number of our neighbours are having to make impossible decisions.

When you can’t afford the basics, you go hungry because the weekly food shop is one place you can cut your living costs. This isn’t right. Too many of our neighbours are facing hunger and uncertainty this winter. As a foodbank, we can provide food for the immediate need to eat. As a Trussell Trust network foodbank we also provide signposting to sources of further help, connect with Citizens Advice and support wider work to challenge poverty and end the need for foodbanks.

You can help

The number of people turning to Southend Foodbank is increasing again. We have more centres open, more volunteers providing support, more places collecting food. Generosity from the community giving food and time, and people like you who donate money, is the only way we have been able to keeping giving crisis support to people urgently in need. 

Your goodwill and kindness ensure that the foodbank keeps running. Together we can continue getting food to people facing hunger this winter.

All donations, from a can in a supermarket collection bin, to a cash donation topped up with Gift Aid here, make a difference. 

Other ways to help

A food bank parcel aims to give people enough food for three days, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, hot drinks and puddings. Kettle boxes are made for people who only have access to a kettle for food preparation and include instant or just add hot water foods. Ideally food parcels are nutritionally balanced, including sources of protein, fibre, fruit and vegetables that can make filling meals but this depends on donations.  You can find out more about donating food, what to donate, how and where, on our website.

Bank the Food is an app that was created in Southend and now covers the whole country. Every time you go into a supermarket that is collecting for a local foodbank, the app with ping your phone and let you know the real-time shopping list of the most needed items.

As part of the Trussell Trust network, we work towards ending the need for foodbanks and a future without food poverty in the UK. If you want to help make a change beyond your donation, you can get involved with Trussell campaigns  and support the fight against hunger this winter. 

About Southend Foodbank

Southend Foodbank opened in November 2013. Since then, it has grown to cover Southend and Rochford with 8 distribution points across Southend, Shoeburyness, Southchurch, Westcliff, Leigh, Eastwood and Hawkwell and Hockley.  You can see our locations and opening times on the website.

Every year the foodbank has been open has been busier than the year before. In the 8 years Southend Foodbank has been open, we have welcomed 15k referrals, providing enough food parcels of three days’ emergency food to feed 38k people, including 16.4k children.

Referrals are made to the foodbank from a range of agencies, including Citizens Advice, schools, GPs and social workers, housing associations, police, and community organisations. As part of the Trussell Trust network of foodbanks, Southend Foodbank works on a referral model to make sure that people in need are connected with at least one source of support as well as getting emergency food. The foodbank also offers signposting to further help for people in crisis.

If you, a neighbour or a loved one, need help, please have a look at our Get Help pages including how to get a referral and further sources of support available. 

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