South West Greener In Campaign Materials

by South West Green Party in Somerset, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 23rd June 2016 we successfully raised £100 with 3 supporters in 14 days

Help us make the case for the environment and social justice in the EU referendum —a case that the corporate-funded campaigns will ignore

by South West Green Party in Somerset, England, United Kingdom

This is our second Crowdfunder raising funds to get the Greener IN message out to even more people across the South West. The Leave campaigners are now throwing everything they have at misleading and negative rhetoric, and the main Remain campaign is failing to inspire. We have no central funding or big donors to get out the vital Green and progressive case for staying in the EU - so we need your help.

On 23 June, the UK goes to the polls to make a big decision: whether or not to remain a member of the European Union.  

Greens believe that we must work together to address our greatest challenges, such as limiting climate change, stopping international tax avoidance and securing our future peace and security.  

It is essential that we make the case for the environment in this referendum campaign – as the establishment parties will not make it, because they are in hock to their corporate and wealthy individual funders.   

We need your help so that the Green Party can make the responsible case for the UK remaining a constructive part of a Greener Europe. We need to raise funds to pay for leaflets, posters and other materials making this Green case for the EU, to take it to as many people across the the South West as possible in the final weeks of the campaign. 

Please donate what you can.   Any surplus funds raised by this Crowdfunder and not used for the GreenerIn referendum campaign will be split between the South West's 2017 County Council campaigns, 2019 European Parliamentary election campaign fund and Green Party South West's day-to-day budget for supporting Green Party activity in the South West.

Since we filmed at the end of April, we have increased the Green District Councillors in Stroud from 6 to 8, but the Green Party representation on Bristol City Council fell from 14 to 11 after May 5th’s all-out elections. This is even more reason for us to run strong campaigns across the South West in the run up to 2017’s County Council elections.

Thank you for your support for a Greener South West!

Promoted by Ewan Jones on behalf of South West Green Party, both at Kingsdown House, Shepton Montague, Somerset, BA9 8JL.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A thank you for believing in Greener In!

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A big thank you for supporting the Green and progressive case for Remain!

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A big thank you for supporting the Green and progressive case for Remain!

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