Soulforce Cuisine & Catering

by Paola M Naressi in Londres, Gran Londres, Reino Unido

Soulforce Cuisine & Catering
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"My project aims to launch in early summer to showcase culinary talents, infusing each dish with hope and vitality."

by Paola M Naressi in Londres, Gran Londres, Reino Unido

My journey embodies resilience and determination.
Despite facing medical conditions, work injuries, and personal trauma, I have persevered, driven by my passion for the culinary arts and desire to support my two children. Arriving in a new country with nothing, I faced discrimination and hardship, but I refuse to succumb to despair. With 23 years of international culinary experience, I dream of opening a catering business that not only supports my family but also empowers others. This effort symbolizes hope, a testament to overcoming adversity and pursuing dreams against all odds. Every step forward is a triumph and, with your support, I aim to turn my vision into reality. Together, we will create not just a business, but a model of resilience and inspiration for all who encounter it. I am starting from scratch, including renting a unit, purchasing catering equipment, covering salaries, bills, licenses, and acquiring or receiving a donated vehicle for corporate meal deliveries. Additionally, I will need funds for the initial purchase of menu ingredients. I accept recommendations from companies or suppliers that align with our vision and values. Your support will not only boost our business, but it will also uplift our community and contribute to our journey of resilience and hope. In addition to financial contributions, we welcome donations of equipment such as coffee machines and catering supplies.
Every contribution, whether monetary or in-kind, is deeply appreciated and will play a crucial role in making our vision a reality. Your generosity will allow us to serve our community with dedication and excellence, fostering a sense of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.
Together we can make a significant difference and create a better future for everyone, sometimes many people want to be part of a donation but perhaps they do not have the financial capacity but they do have skills that can contribute to helping me realize my dream that they have wanted so much to tear from me but I resist this because I know that there are noble and understanding hearts that know how to extend their hand and believe in those of us who love and fight to move forward.🥹❤️


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£250 or more

Executive Lunch for Two

Receive a voucher for an executive lunch for two at our establishment. Choose from a selection of our finest dishes and enjoy a memorable dining experience. This reward will be delivered once the project reaches its full opening.

£200 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Free lunch x 2 every Friday for a month

Treat yourself and a companion to a delicious lunch every Friday for a month sent to their office or home, within the area covered by our kitchen, but don't worry if you are not within the area you can give this exquisite gift to a colleague or family member. . This reward will be redeemable once the project reaches full openness.

£700 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Canapés x 10

"Receive a voucher to enjoy a selection of canapés for 10 people. Perfect for an intimate gathering or special event." This reward will be redeemable once the project reaches its full opening.

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