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On 17th May 2016 we successfully raised £52,718 with 896 supporters in 28 days

Ecuador's students in the UK launch official fundraiser for Ecuador earthquake

by SOS Ecuador in London

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Dear all,

Although the SOSEcuador campaign to raise funds for Ecuador through crowd funding has ended, Ecuador still needs your help! If you want to make further donations for the reconstruction of our country, you can make a deposit to the account created by the Embassy of Ecuador in the UK for the emergency. 

Account number: 01079078
Sort code: 23-47-36
Name of the account: Embajada del Ecuador (Embassy of Ecuador)

SOSEcuador will post updates with relevant information about the progress of the campaign and its tangible results on the affected area.

Warm Regards, 

The SOSEcuadorUK Team



On Saturday April 16th a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on the Richter scale shook Ecuador’s northwestern coast, with up to 535 aftershocks to date. For the country, this is the worst catastrophe it endures in the last four decades.

More than 655 people have been killed, over 5,000 have been injured and about 29,000 people made homeless. About 1500 buildings, including homes, hospitals and schools have either been destroyed or severely damaged. These figures are expected increase considerably as rescue teams make their way through the collapsed structures, with the expected death toll already in the thousands.

The images and testimonies of people affected by this disaster are heart wrenching as families have lost their homes and many loved ones.

Hundreds of Ecuadorian students in the United Kingdom, with the support of the Ecuadorian Embassy, have come together to raise funds for their country as it faces this arduous humanitarian challenge. We are asking you to join in and help contribute with our cause #SOSEcuador.

All donations will be directed to increase the capacity of emergency teams deployed in affected areas. These funds will assist to provide vital aid to people in need, and hopefully, return some peace into their lives. These people need your help, and they need it promptly. Please help us relief their tragedy. Every single contribution counts and will make a difference in the lives of the affected families.

Help us stand up for our country. Be part of #SOSEcuador. This is an official initiative run by students in different universities in the UK with the support of the Ecuadorian Embassy. #SOS Ecuador does not have any political affiliation. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Crowdfunding Coordination:

Inty Gronneberg Imperial College of London [email protected] 
Mario Hidalgo  University College London [email protected] 


Edition of Contents:

Enrique Crespo  London School of Economics  [email protected]
Byron Llerena University College London  [email protected]


Audio-visual resources:

Diana Hidalgo Universitat de Girona [email protected]



David Ponce  Imperial College of London [email protected]


Facebook Contents:

Francisco Abad London School of Economics  [email protected]


Twitter Contents:

Esteban Guzman King's College London [email protected]  


Campaign Designs:

Nicolas Aguirre Westminster University [email protected]  


University Coordinators:

Daniel Cuty University of Manchester [email protected] 
Boris Ochoa Imperial College of London [email protected]
Alvaro Guzman University of Leeds [email protected] 
Helena de la Torre University of Glasgow [email protected] 
Denys Flores University of Warwick [email protected] 
Michael Taco University of the Arts London [email protected] 
Pablo Astudillo University of Oxford [email protected]  
Sebastian Guerrero University of Notthingham [email protected] 
Micaela Jimenez University of Strathclyde [email protected] 
Maria Vallejo University of Edinburgh [email protected] 
Sussy Mendoza University of Southampton [email protected]    
María Alexandra Sandoval University of Leicester [email protected]  
Javier Maza Montenegro Brunel University [email protected] 
Iván Torres Newcastle University  [email protected]
Felipe Angulo University of Greenwich [email protected]


The SOS Ecuador initiative was extended to Spain by the Ecuadorian students in this country. More information at 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

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Thank you. We need your help more than ever.

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100 gallons of water, 100 cans of food, 150 bags of rice/sugar, 16 sets of Medicine + 8 Mattresses + 14 Thermal Blankets

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Thank you. We need your help more than ever.

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