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Our aim at Sorted Global is to bring communities families and individuals together by way of events and community experiences.

by Sorted Global in Bredons Norton, England, United Kingdom

We were undecided about launching our Crowdfunder under the Coronavirus global crisis but this desperate situation is temporary! So we decided to turn it on its head! At the end of the day when it's all over, people will be suffering from Cabin Fever and will be wanting to get outdoors and interact with others. What better way to come along to a Sorted Global event? After all, Sorted Global is about positivity and bringing people together! 

Sorted Global and Nattershack (formerly titled FFFFestival - Family Fun Fitness Festival) are concepts created just over four years ago by Michelle Shingler. At that particular time FFFF and Nattershack were just ideas so she decided to carry out some market research and was overwhelmed by the positive response.  After relocating from Derbyshire to Gloucestershire and after undertaking considerably more research, some restructuring and Leo Speck working alongside her, she now feels the time is right to launch this initiative.

Michelle and Leo have been industry colleagues for a number of years and have over 50 years combined experience of working in the Live Events industry and over 15 years of supporting various charitable causes and events. After many meetings and ideas sessions they decided that the concept for FFFFestival had the potential to evolve into a sustainable initiative rather than an annual event. Both Michelle and Leo realised that to help make some changes to society's outlook on family values, fitness, sport, health and wellbeing, a continued series of informative events and meetings, pop-ups and support is possible to get people thinking about change for the better - trying to find the 'feel good factor' for society 

The simple vision behind the Sorted Global brand is to bring communities, families, individuals and businesses together; in other words to start a network of events and community experiences throughout the UK that bring health and wellbeing advice, experiences, respect and fun for everyone.

We asked Josh Eales 21, our Sorted Ambassador (Sport), to give his view on the Sorted Global Initiative

"When the country’s ‘feel good factor’ post London 2012 Olympics seemed to have fizzled out, enter stage right the 2018 football world cup and the 2019 cricket world cup. The euphoria that swept the nation during these two summers undoubtedly had positive effects, not just for football and cricket participation, but for the general mental and physical well-being of most the population. It was truly fantastic.

Following on from these events, initiatives by these sporting governing bodies were rolled out across most parts of the country to encourage participation by everyone.

Yet, there remains a gap in the market that needs to be filled by a more holistic approach –- an approach that is urgently needed to invigorate the nation once again! The Sorted Global Initiative will create such opportunities for individuals, families and the whole community to sample various sports that may not have been previously accessible to them. 

Creating chances for the whole population to take part in sporting activities has both covert and overt benefits. Sport clearly has physiological value for both young and old, reducing the levels of obesity and increasing sporting participation across the board for the former and keeping the latter moving to decrease the chance of cardiovascular diseases and other serious health issues. Interestingly, what sometimes goes unnoticed are the psycho-social benefits that accompany the aforementioned. The advantages of re-engaging the older generation with various fitness and sporting activities are imperative to a healthy community, not only will the elderly be more active and less lonely, but there is opportunity for youngsters to learn life values and skills from them that otherwise may be lost forever. Additionally, the younger generation can be introduced to sporting values such as; discipline, leadership, team building and respect for others, all of which will aid in their progression to the adult world. Here the Sorted Global Initiative will encourage a positive attitude across the board to mental health and physical wellbeing, whilst improving social skills and family relationships." 

 Josh Eales – 21 – Oxford Brookes University Sport, Coaching & Physical Education (BSc) 3rd year undergraduate and 1st year peer advisor. 

As our initiative gains traction and funding is secured we will be on the look out for more Ambassadors for various topics so if you believe in what we are looking to achieve and would like to get involved then please do get in touch - we would love to hear from you!

Sorted Global Live will concentrate on live events in various regions culminating in an annual large event somewhere in the Midlands. There will be something for every family member and generation to enjoy!

Sorted Global Pop Ups will be workshops held within Town Centres aiming to use empty shops / offices any available space. The workshops will be based around health and wellbeing, parenting, social skills, financial workshops for children as well as Mum and Dad, Animal welfare and any other subject a local community would like us to include.  

Nattershack - will be the Online Community portal. 

To kick off the Sorted Global initiative the Nattershack portal needs to be completed. 

Nattershack will be an e-zine communication platform full of information, virtual workshops and will act as a 'networking hub' for local communities, charities, cand individuals and businesses to come together.

All topics for the Sorted Global brand will be centred around health, fitness and wellbeing of families, communities and individuals and will always be underpinned by the Sorted Global core values of Respect, Decency, Integrity, Honesty, Accountability and Care. 

Once the Sorted Global events and Pop-Up Workshops go live there will be the facility to include footage from the activities for attendees to re-cap the days experience at home. TED style talks from inspirational leaders as well as local heroes... blogs from around the UK/World from other communities and to see what they are doing to help each other. A 'users message board' for suggestions for future content at the live events and Pop-ups will also be included thus making this a truly community initiative.

Sorted Global will also utilise funds raised to implement a strong marketing initiative; this is key to getting the brand out into the marketplace.

Although we need funding for our project to truly begin... we have already made a start... do please check out where you will see that back in January Sorted Global sponsored the No Child Left Behind inaugural awards ceremony for Cheltenham Borough Council - it was such a privilege to be involved in such a great and worthwhile initiative. Brilliant!

Please do come and join us on this exciting journey and let's make a difference...Together!

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much." Helen Keller


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