A Song a Day Keeps Corona Away

by Richard Hadfield in Mitcham, England, United Kingdom


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I want to continue to provide free high quality, daily songs to people who need music in these tough times. Let me tell you all about it...

by Richard Hadfield in Mitcham, England, United Kingdom

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Elspeth Anderson 4th July 2021

Hi Richard - yes this is late as today I discovered your daily songs on You tube - having just listened to the audition of "Stars". Your voice is amazing and I am happy to support you and hope a Uk tour comes about although I live in BC, Canada!

Linda Dyjak 26th April 2021

Love your voice Richard... from the first note you sang on BGT...Would love to help your share your amazing music with the world!

Carol Gray 31st October 2020

Apologies Richard I have come to this party a bit late, but that's what happens when you don't take part in social media. I absolutely love your voice and so happy to support your crowdfunding. Honestly, if money were no object I would pay the whole lot myself just for another opportunity to sit in a audience and hear you sing. Wishing you every success.xx

Beng Lim 24th October 2020

Richard Hadfield deserves all the support we can muster up for him. I have been a fan of his since I heard him first sing as part of the sensational boy band Collabro. Such talent to behold, it is amazing to see a young man with an incredible voice, bring so much joy to the world. His passion for his "A Song a Day Keeps Corona Away" project is not only ground breaking, but truly inspirational. Richard, I applaud your efforts, passion and integrity. Keep singing to us all and continue to put a smile to our face and a tear in our eye. Our hearts melt with joy and soar with envy every time you sing. Your vocal range is so dynamic with incredible tones, your singing is mesmerizing. Thank you sincerely for helping us all through covid, keep smiling and keep doing what you've always been doing, that is, entertaining us with your incredible talent. May success follow you where ever you go and may all your dreams come true. You are a STAR and the world is your stage. You have an AMAZING, AMAZING voice. From a fan in Australia.

Kathryn Taylor 28th July 2020

I have loved your voice since Collabro you have been given the most special gift from the Lord”music!!!! Thank you for your videos my husband has cancer and will not survive and your songs each day bring me peace and comfort. May the Lord continue to bless you with your gift to us all

Pete Shea 30th June 2020

A further donation in appreciation of your ongoing efforts and dedication to this project! Thank you Richard, you’ve brightened my lockdown. Today is my 100th day on furlough. You’ve really helped me more than you could know.

Catherine Cubbin 29th June 2020

The pressure was too much, I couldn't not have an acapella sing songy song song 😉. This is an amazing thing you've done throughout lockdown. You have kept us all smiling and I can't wait to see you on the road. Lots of love Cath xxx

Jason Reuer 29th June 2020

Hope you're able to work something out for your UK tour. You've provided so much to all of us online with your winsome personality and singing during this crazy year known as 2020! Hugs and health to you!

Christine Flannery 28th June 2020

Richard, I have loved listening to your songs and watching you develop with your songs and video making. You have made a difference to me and many others. You have a great personality. I wish you all the best for the future.

Laura 27th June 2020

Richard is awesome and selflessly has been recording a song per day for months now. That is his contribution to all of us and the world. So the least we can do is join him and donate toward his dream and support him as an artist. Thank you Richard for your contribution during this pandemic. Keep dreaming big!

Heike Flath 27th June 2020

Because I love your daily songs so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy you bring every day. Your songs brought smiles and tears. I think it's my turn again to support you and to help you a little bit that your dream will come true. Keep up your great work and never stop singing.

Darren Priest 27th June 2020

Loving the songs and look forward to seeing you live again sometime. Still hoping that Not My Father's Son might appear on the set list one day? Keep safe. Darren and Steve x

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