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by Lucy cox in Bristol, , United Kingdom

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Two individuals take us through a detailed recital of their near-death experiences, reflecting on their journeys towards healing.

by Lucy cox in Bristol, , United Kingdom


Two strangers, connected by a blurred frontier of life and death.

Hi, we are 3rd year filmmaking students looking to fundraise for our final project. As we are approaching the end of our degree we want to be able to put our best work into this film to propel us toward success in beginning our careers in the film industry. With your donations, we will be making a 10-minute documentary about two individuals based in the UK, as they take us through a detailed recital of their near-death experiences, reflecting on their journeys towards healing, and delving into the troubles that they have faced and overcome along the way. 

The subject area explores the theme of appreciation, presented through the reflection of each contributor's Near Death Experience and how it has impacted their relationships, views and beliefs.

Since the topics we will be covering are very sensitive and personal, we would like to be able to approach the filmmaking process with as much professionalism as possible and your donations will help us do this as shown in the chart below.1710343737_screenshot_2024-03-13_at_15.27.08.png

Meet the Crew:

Julia Wojcik - Writer and Director 1710344201_img_2071.jpg

Lucy Cox - Producer1710333368_7c6452f6-7b1f-45e7-a086-e9a5c2c4c60f.jpg

Esme Birch - Production Manager 


Taisia Kochichkova - 1st AD 


Charlie Kneller - Co-writer 1710343144_img_2068.jpg

Aaron Botelho - Director of Photography 1710343202_img_2069.jpg

Toby Coles - Camera Operator 1710334846_whatsapp_image_2024-03-13_at_12.58.55.jpeg

Matt Stenson - Gaffer 1710334181_whatsapp_image_2024-03-12_at_19.12.43.jpeg

Nick Curtis-Purnell - Sound Re1710334099_whatsapp_image_2024-03-13_at_11.49.32.jpegcordist

Arlo Sullivan - Editor 

Luke Coulson - Sound Editor 1710334241_whatsapp_image_2024-03-13_at_12.00.09.jpeg

Ben Mckenzie - Colourist 1710334278_whatsapp_image_2024-02-23_at_14.19.53.jpeg

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