solving the PPE shortage

by GMAA Group in London, England, United Kingdom

solving the PPE shortage

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GMAA is dedicated to solving the PPE shortage in the world amid COVID-19. We will keep the financial affairs transparent on our website.

by GMAA Group in London, England, United Kingdom

Past Work

As many of you may have known, a group of undergraduate students came together in January and formed UKMAA (United Kingdom Medical Equipment Assistance Association) in responding to the severe shortage of medical supplies in China. By Feb 29th, we have successfully facilitated the donate of 300,000 surgical masks, 26,800 N95 masks, 16,000 Dupont Protective Coveralls, 586,000 Dupont Tyvek Anti Slip Overshoe, 323,700 surgical gloves, 1,270 medical goggles, 500 3M 6800 Full Mask Respirators, 3m Versaflo PAPR System Kit (6 Point Textile Strap) worth 77,000 pounds, 63,000 Sitesafe Disposable Mob Caps and a small number of BP15 Infrared Thermometer guns. We have collaborated with JD.COM, Alibaba Group, CSSA-UK, Cambridge-CSSA, Oxford-CSSA, Manchester-CSSA, UCL-CSSA, Han Hong Love Charity Foundation, Macau International Healthcare Think Tank, DECORONA Express, and other organizations (in total 58) to make this happen. During this process, we also contacted suppliers from over 30 countries across the world, including Canada, Japan, Italy, France, United States and many more. 

Current Goal

As the situation unfolds in the rest of the World, we receive demands for medical supplies from the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain, and many more countries. This led us to the consideration of forming the second stage of assistance —GMAA (Global Medical Equipment Assistance Association). We have gotten in touch with reputable manufacturers that have the capacity to produce export qualified medical supplies, as well as reliable transportation partners. Here, we are kindly asking for donations in order to help in solving the shortage of personal protective equipment. Members of GMAA will use the money in this account to purchase PPEs and donate them to those who need help, including doctors, nurses, and students. We promise this organization is totally non-profit, and we will keep the public informed of financial affairs. 

If you have any inquiries, please contact us via [email protected]

If there is a specific country or hospital you want to donate for, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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We welcome your thoughts and comments. In these uncertain times, do take care and stay safe. 

Best wishes, 

All Members of GMAA

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