Solidarity against Ugandas Anti Homosexuality Act

by dan Glass in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

Solidarity against Ugandas Anti Homosexuality Act

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Raise funds for the first LGBTQIA+ 'Rest and Rise' activist empowerment retreat for Ugandans, those in surrounding areas and allies.

by dan Glass in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

Yesterday the news broke that Uganda is upholding the anti-gay law which can include the death penalty as punishment. This comes soon after Ghana’s anti-gay law.

These laws are directly inspired by the British colonial buggery Act laws so as a Brit I take responsibility.*

For any of us who exist on the margins of social acceptability we know too well that confronting legal oppression is the tip of the iceberg to reclaiming our humanity.

Deep self-loathing, dysphoria, internalised shame and multiple trauma responses that occur when you are running for your life run rampant on our nervous systems at times like this.

But as ever, the LGBTQIA+ community and our allies are deeply resourceful, intuitive and creative in the face of war and we are not giving up. In the last three years alone at least six countries have struck out homophobic legislation and defied colonial barbarism. Seismic shifts are taking place and we will not stop.

So in three months time we will be holding the first LGBTQIA+ 'Rest and Rise' activist retreat for Ugandans, those in the surrounding countries who have fled and Africans and our allies anywhere in the world who want to come and replenish our spirits and share tools and strategies to revive our spirits and our movements. It will take place at a pioneering place of revolutionary mutual liberation / learning and a queer safe place.

The ‘LGBTQIA+ activists Rest and Rise Retreat’ is a timely and disruptive queer internationalist campaign across 31 Commonwealth countries that have, through historic and ongoing British colonisation, suffered under homophobic legislation.

We agitate to call an end to the hateful and violent practices of homophobia and transphobia, proliferated through colonisation, and that continue to impact the lives of queer and trans folks across the Commonwealth. We connect our members, fellow queer migrants, and “queer commonwealthers” to the forms of solidarity and support they need, while also fighting to scrap harmful legislation and practices that will assist with further planning and acceleration of this urgent work.

Our ultimate goal: Defeating all colonial homophobic legislation across the commonwealth in our lifetimes

Apply for ‘Rest and Rise’

  • Are you an activist, artist or change-maker challenging homophobia?
  • Do you need a deeply inspiring place to rest and recuperate?
  • Would you like to connect with incredible activists to share skills and ideas to continue the journey to freedom? 

Hosted by Radical Faeries and the 'The Royal Take Your Shit Back Tour', Rest & Rise provides a place to find solace and respite from our struggles, breathe anew, and coalesce our collective queer power against the legacies of colonialism, capitalism, cis hetero-patriarchy and oppression. Let's emancipate ourselves from violent legislation inherited by colonialism, and unite to create the beautiful utopias of our dreams.

            Then please fill out this short application form by 25th April 2024

For this one week in history, you will build a program together with some tremendously prolific and powerful superstars like yourself. We'll learn from each other and bolster our cooperation going forward into the future.

Please note that this gathering will do its best to cater for the food and housing of all participants. We may not, however, be able to cover all roundtrip transportation. For those we may not have resources to support in that way, we will offer an invitation letter that can be used to fundraise transportation, if useful.

Our programme is facilitated by LGBTQIA+ activist leaders and educators from Uganda, Tanzania and the UK - see previous report What the international community can do to support LGBTQ Ugandans

It serves as an immersive experience to enhance traditional practices of healing and transformation, to connect people and countries and to skillshare and develop a proliferation of human rights advocacy campaigns.

*Queerphobia and transphobia are directly and historically tied to white supremacy and colonialism. Even where these rotten tendencies existed at intra community levels in precolonial times, the formation of nation-states accelerated the violence and abuse that LGBTQIAPN+ people have endured. Legislating such abuse at national levels entrenched cisheteronormative hegemony and paved the way for fascism on every continent.

The Buggery Act of 1533 was passed during the reign of King Henry VIII, criminalising sodomy. Half a millennia later, countries across the planet continue to use ambiguous gender and sex-related terms such as “sodomy” to pave the way for widespread, severe, and unregulated abuse.

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