Be part of Socotra’s future

by Hilary Bradt in Chesham, England, United Kingdom


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Be part of Socotra’s future: help us publish the first guide book to this threatened World Heritage Site.

by Hilary Bradt in Chesham, England, United Kingdom

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Dilip D'Souza 21st September 2020

I've been inquiring about travel to Socotra with travel agents there for several years; of late they have gone silent, I presume because of the war. I dearly want to visit and would be devastated if going there becomes impossible.

Scarlett Freeman 12th September 2020

Found out about this a little late but am so excited to contribute to these efforts. I visited Yemen in 2007 and never got the chance to see Socotra. It is still my dream one day, of course would love even more to see peace for the people of Yemen. Thank you and look forward to your book!

Robert M Fysh 9th September 2020

I have visited Yemen some years back and loved it. I have always wanted to visit Socotra and this guide will be another incentive to realise my ambition.

Elaine M. Silberfarb 8th September 2020

I'm about to turn 80 so I have to express my admiration for your dedication to preserving the world's wonderful places in books at a similar age. I am not so intrepid, but you give me role models! Thank you.

Jan Plesinger 8th September 2020

I am from the Czech Republic. I visited Socotra island in 2005 and have longed to revisit it ever since. I am a big supporter of Bradt guides, I even once (naively) offered to write a new one about Moldova (still missing, btw.). Currently, I reside in Armenia and of course, on any trip outside my home I use the Armenia Bradt Guide. After the coronavirus break and end of Yemeni war, I would love to show Socotra to my kids with the fresh new Socotra Bradt Guide in hand. Thank you. I wish you all success, good health and spirit. Best regards, Jan Plesinger

Gerken pascal 8th September 2020

great initiative and ready to fly there . Grest to hesr on the cairo flight. It has been on my wish list. Luckily i saw Yemen before. God bless these great people

William F Hanlon 8th September 2020

I am a cruising sailor, intending to stop at Socotra on passage of Indian Ocean. It is a very convenient stop, and necessary since Aden, Yemen has been risk to sailors. Important to keep Socotra open to cruisers.

Elizabeth M. Atwood 8th September 2020

I have always loved the idea of Socotra since reading Rudyard Kipling as a young girl. Later I fell in love with its unique botany. I would love to go there, but at this time of my life will probably be unable. Regardless, I wish to support this project.

Frank Haugwitz 8th September 2020

March this year, I travelled to Southern Oman for a bird photography trip. During my stay, I learned about Socotra, given that my location in Oman was not too far away from the border of Yemen. Reading about Socotra's unique nature ... hence, it needs all the support it can get.

Timothy Gibson 7th September 2020

As a travel business retiree, I was in Yemen several times. I remember it in the 1990's as The Bible with Kalashnikofs. Totally unique. I was just very lucky to see it then.

John Hobbins 7th September 2020

I have passed Socotra several times in my life but will never actually get there in my life. This book is an attempt to show me what I’ve missed.

Paul S. Drake 7th September 2020

Socotra has been on my bucket list for years. Hopefully we will be able to visit it in a few years. Your book should help bring needed attention towards protecting this spectacular world treasure.

Susan Chu 7th September 2020

We are big travelers but look at traveling as a way of knowing and respecting the earth and ecological system in addition to respecting all the locals and culture around the globe. I have never heard of Socotra but after researching more of it, this is such a worthy cause! Thank you for doing this and the monetary support is the least we can help. Susan Chu and Joyce Tang

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