Slow cooker kits to combat food and fuel poverty

by The Standing Together Trust in Ebley, England, United Kingdom

Slow cooker kits to combat food and fuel poverty

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Working with our local food bank, we want to extend our project to provide those facing food and fuel poverty with slow cooker starter kits.

by The Standing Together Trust in Ebley, England, United Kingdom

The story so far

As individuals, we have already raised funds to provide 33 slow cooker starter kits to those who need them, as well as participating in other community support initiatives. These initiatives have included free distribution of re-usable face masks, liquid soaps and hand sanitisers, organising outdoor 'Give and Take' events and putting together home schooling support packs. Now we have come together to extend that work. 


Right now

Our first priority is to respond to the current need for more of our slow cooker kits across the Stroud District. 

Each kit contains a cooker, measuring cups/spoons, store cupboard ingredients and a folder of tips/recipes and information about other sources of support. (This means that even those living in conditions that don't give them access to proper kitchen facilities have a way of preparing hot meals, as all they need is a standard electric socket.) 

Our local Foodbank is currently distributing the kits on our behalf and are keen to continue working with us.


Going forward

Should we receive an amount surplus to that needed for the slow cooker kits, we will work with the Foodbank and other local charities and elected bodies to identify and respond to the most pressing challenges that our community is facing. 

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