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by Macy Lewis in Headcorn, England, United Kingdom

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I have always wanted to run a slime shop. After years of learning how to make the best slime I now feel ready to share my products online!

by Macy Lewis in Headcorn, England, United Kingdom

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On the 6th June 2020 we'd raised £182 with 14 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

My goal is to create an online slime shop that is visited by everyone who loves slime as much me. When I was five I started to enjoy making slime but I couldn’t do it properly. I tried and tried, I watched loads of tutorials online, I experimented with different ingredients until I was really good at making slime. I then knew that slime was my passion, so I wanted to make it bigger in my world,  I decided when I was five that I wanted to create a slime shop. Now I know how to make slime and have spent years learning how to do it well, I can set up a slime shop, and feel like people will really like the different slimes I have in mind such as "Cookie Dough Slime" and "Super Summer Slime". 

I’ve already got the name of my slime shop: Slimes R US. I looked on Amazon with my Mummy and saw that we need around £200 to make 100 slimes. That is a lot more money than I have in my piggy bank, so my Mummy thought of a great idea to do a crowdfunder with Slimes R Us merchandise, and people can also donate money to help me get enough money to build my online slime shop. The money will be used to help me get the ingredients and equipment I need to make 50 Cookie Dough Slimes and 50 Super Summer Slimes. I will offer these to people in return for donations, but also sell that stock on my Slimes R Us shop. I will start the shop on the Facebook page at first - Slimes R Us - and then when I make more money I'll invest it into a proper online website. I know I need to build up from the first 2 products and will add more slime products as time goes on.

I am nine years old and have been working on learning how to make slime for four years. I feel like I'm ready to do this! 

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Shout out from Macy on an upcoming Facebook Live from her Slimes R Us page for you and a friend including a big thank you as part of the shout-out.

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You'll be sent one of the very first slimes to be made by Macy's Slimes R Us shop!

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A limited edition Slimes R Us keyring, a limited edition Slimes R Us bookmark (both homemade by Macy) and a personalised handwritten letter of thanks!

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A handwritten letter from Macy to thank you for supporting her business as well as your choice of two slimes - you can opt for one of each of the first two products on sale.

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Macy will give you and a friend a 'shout out' and big thank you on a Facebook Live from her Slimes R Us page, two slimes from the first range to be launched on the shop, plus a handwritten letter of thanks, plus a Slimes R Us keyring AND a limited edition Slimes R Us bookmark!! A massive Slimes R Us bundle!

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