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by Danny Bamping in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

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This crowdfunder is to raise money for expert legal assistance with the appeal or judicial review to ensure Sir John Hawkins Square stays.

by Danny Bamping in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

The legal fight to keep Sir John Hawkins Square

Sir John Hawkins Square has existed in Plymouth for 37 years and it is a small gesture to the Naval Commander who was born and raised in Plymouth; became its MP and then ensured the Spanish Armada were defeated when they came to attack England. He is the cousin of Sir Francis Drake and one of the most important naval historical figures of the British Empire. 

In May 2020 George Floyd was killed by Police in the USA. This led to the rise of the left wing, woke Black Lives Matter movement and immediately statues and names of roads and streets in the uk were attacked. BLM supporters in Plymouth, focused their immediate attentions on Sir Francis Drake Statue on the Hoe and the small yet significant Sir John Hawkins Square near the city centre and at the side of the magistrates court. (This is because of their 3 joint slave trading missions which they undertook over 500 years ago; at the request of the Queen and in her boats.)

Within a few weeks the woke labour councillors had decided amongst themselves to change and rename Sir John Hawkins Square. There was no public consultation and the council did the whole thing in a matter of a couple of days. In doing so; they failed to follow their own policies; government guidelines and then have erred in law by believing that the 1925 Public Health Act (section 18) allows them to rename or change the name of a road or street; when actually the wording used in the legislation is 'Alteration' and Alter - which is not the same meaning as change or rename.

Then, District Judge Matson - ignored  and failed to properly consider all of the above during the case heard at the magistrates court on Friday 13th November and made an obscure, unconscionable 18 page judgement on December the 4th 2020. This bizarre decision is now going to be appealed via way of case stated; which is then likely to lead to a full judicial review at the high court.

Thus this project is to raise enough funds to appoint a barrister to assist with the case and help take this appeal forward and hopefully create case law to ensure this judgement is overturned but also to ensure the law is followed as it was intended and to put a stop to any local authority to be able to change or rename roads - which is something we need certainty on - in regards to maps, land registry, emergency services and many other reasons. 

The legislation is clear - they can alter the name of an existing road; an example of an Alteration would be to change the Square to 'Hawkins Square' and drop the Sir John. This would keep its identity; yet be slightly different than the original - just like you would alter a dress.

Finally, not £1 of this money raised will be used to pay any costs order that is  shortly to be made against me. That costs order will be appealed along with the Judgement from the 4th December and once successful will be nullified. 

I shall post more updates on the twitter handle @hawkinscampaign 

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Thanks for all your support. 

Danny Bamping

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