Simply Thai

by Colby Smith in Ely, England, United Kingdom

Simply Thai
We did it
On 15th February 2017 we successfully raised £2,570 with 68 supporters in 42 days

**OVERFUND MODE** I want to raise £2k to bring Simply Thai to a town near you **NEW £3K TARGET. FOOD REWARDS STILL AVAILABLE**

by Colby Smith in Ely, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We've done it! Now we're in overfund mode...

Thanks to the love of over 50 individual backers we have smashed the £2k target with more than a week left to deadline.  But the fun doesnt have to end now! The original £2000 is secured but the target has been stretched, which means anyone who didn't get a chance to pledge still can and anyone who wants to get their hands on Simply Thai's mouthwatering food rewards is still in with a chance.

Every penny of extra funding makes Simply Thai's approaching launch stronger and stronger. Better cooking equipment, more comfortable seating to enjoy your noodles on and  a cleaner sleeker designed trailer will help give us the best possible start in business life. Having extra funding ready to overcome the unseen hiccups that are abound to arise is essential for any startup. So lets make the most of the time left and take this project to the next level!

Tell your friends, family and colleagues there's still time to be part of this exciting new start up and the food rewards are too good to be true!

Much love



I want to raise £2000 to launch Simply Thai, and bring the taste of Thailand to a market or event near YOU!

Hello! My name is Colby Smith and this is the story of how I ended up asking my friends and family (and the entire worldwide web) to help me fund my dream.

The Beginning

It all started at Cambridge Regional College. After two years of studying catering I was ready to jump into the world of professional cheffing. But little did I know that the world I was entering mainly involved being verbally abused by Gordon Ramsey wannabes and working until 1am every weekend. Suffice to say the reality didn't live up to the fantasy. 10 years later I have tried my hand at everything from cardboard box folding (don't ask) to running for elected office (definitely don't ask) but all the while the passion for creating food still rumbled in my stomach. 

For me there is nothing more satisfying than to see people eating food I have cooked, and thoughout my somewhat meandering career I've always known my true calling was from the kitchen, without ever being able to turn my passion into something tangible.

Pad Thai

The Idea

Two months ago, I was given the chance to do what I've always dreamed - start my own small business in the art I studied at college. I was given a small run down catering trailer and the promise from a highly trained family member that they would teach me secret Thai family recipes, practiced and perfected over a lifetime.  

Why crowd fund?

The one thing I am lacking to make the dream into reality is the money to launch the business. And that is where you come in my friends. I am looking for £2000 to renovate the trailer, bring the kitchen fully up to standard and fill the tank up with gas! (Not to mention the woks with noodles)

The goal

Thai food has always been a favourite of mine and there is always a dish for everyone, wether its a classic Pad-Thai or an aromatic Massaman curry. Simply Thai will aim to bring you the highest quality ingredients and freshly cooked dishes, along with the authentic taste of Thailand. At this early stage Simply Thai is already in talks with the council about pitches at Ely and throughout the surrounding areas. With your help we will be bringing Thai street food to a town near you

The Rewards

Aside from the opportunity to play a role in an exciting new start up, I am offering the chance for crowdfunders to be amongst the first to sample the delights of freshly cooked Thai cuisine - and as a thank you for getting us off the groud, it's on the house! Starting from one free dish for a £10 donation to 50 meals for £500, there are rewards to suit every pocket..

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more

£10 Reward

1 free meal

£20 or more

£20 Reward

2 free meals

£50 or more

£50 Reward

5 free meals +25% off for a year

£100 or more

£100 Reward

10 free meals +25% off for one year

£200 or more

£200 Reward

20 free meals +25% off for one year (5 meals per day per person)

£500 or more

£500 Reward

50 free meals + 50% off for one year (5 meal per day per person)

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