by MAHMOUD SIDDIQ JALLOH in Freetown, Western Area Urban, Sierra Leone


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Vast majority of those completing higher education in my country are unemployed. My aim is to create employment opportunity for people.

by MAHMOUD SIDDIQ JALLOH in Freetown, Western Area Urban, Sierra Leone

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Hello friends, family and generous people around the world, my name is MAHMOUD JALLOH from Sierra Leone.  I’m setting out to make a huge social and economic difference in Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone and so therefore appealing for you to join me on this ambitious journey.

Sierra Leone has limited access to safe drinking water. Despite efforts by successive governments including the various bodies of non-governmental organisations, progress has been slow all across the country with a steady decline in access to the world’s most precious commodity. I have been a hard working person all my life so too a firm believer in teamwork as to why I’m reaching out to the world community to help turn this my dream into reality.

Ideally I want to open a Retail Processed Water Business called SIERRA COMMERCIAL WATER PROJECT that will serve Freetown and with a future expansion prospect, later extended to other major cities across the Country. Many of my educated family members remain unemployed due to a struggling economy attracting only a tiny percent of foreign investors that help create job opportunities. My Business will provide much needed treated water to communities as well as creating jobs for people. As such, this initiative is part Business part Humanitarian Venture which makes it so special. 

The workforce is there so too as my passion and determination for all I need is the capital to make things happen. It’s a big ask but I believe there are many great human spirit generous individuals across the world that can make it possible thereby helping to change a future for the better. Every pound, dollar, euro, yen, rand, yuan and so on, adds up. Please share this with your community if only to spread the message far and wide.

In the interest of transparency, I will regularly be posting photos and progress updates for you to know your contributions were being used for the intended purpose and nothing else. I will also share the testimonies of all the lives this Business has changed in many different ways apart from employment alone.

I thank you all in advance and look forward to making a positive difference to my Country through your generosity and goodwill support. Many hands is better than one!  Alone we are a drop, but together we are an ocean. 

Once again my advance thanks to you all.



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