Sidney Fluff Desperately needs you help Please

by Linda Bevan in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Sidney Fluff Desperately needs you help Please
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My Cat Sidney Fluff desperately needs a knee operation with the help of the PDSA the costs will be £750 which I simply do not have.

by Linda Bevan in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Hi my name is Linda Bevan. I am a 57 year old Disabled lady with L3/L4/L5 Lower Back Spine damage for 30 years and C6/C7 neck damage 1 year - I have an autoimmune disease called Relapsing Polychondritis which is a cartilage eating disease, it is not catching but is terminal, since 2015. I am Divorced, I live for my 2 cats and a rabbit who thinks he is a cat which are my reason to live and wake up every day to care for them.

My beautiful boy, Black and White Tuxedo cat, Sidney Fluff, went missing for one and a half days which is extremely unusual for him, he never misses a meal, never misses a night cuddled up in bed with his mom. He sleeps in my arms like a baby and his brother Sancho Buggerlugs sleeps around my neck, like a scarf.

So I worried sick, as I was about to send leaflets out to my neighbours asking for help to find my boy, he limped home.

Before the cost of living crisis I would have taken him to a vet via his Cat Insurance, but due to the cost of living crisis he, his brother and the rabbit, no longer have insurance or a regular vet. I was able to register him, his brother Sancho Buggerlugs and Frank the Fecker (that's the rabbit) with the PDSA who are excellent Vets who care greatly for all animals and people who are not able to afford vet care, however, only one animal can be registered as free which I put as Sancho Buggerlugs as he seemed to be the more likely to be accident prone as the first pet. Second and subsequent pets are registered at a discount price. Not being clairvoyant, I had registered Sidney Fluff as my Second Pet.

I contacted PDSA who after 2 weeks managed to get him a telephone appointment and told me to rest him caged for 2 weeks and they would call back to see how he was doing. They did and no change to Sidney Fluffs limp, they decided to see him after a further 2 weeks and decided he needed to be sedated and x-rayed as he has no external signs of injury, no bites, no bleeding but is badly limping. I paid the £154 for X-ray and meds and consultation fees out of my food money for the month and all my excessive savings of £50, I am going to tell you the truth, so you may as well know the full story.

I get PIP and ESA income related Support group due to my disabilities. I live on a very tight budget and have had a very hard time of it recently with Divorce, Moving house, and my Mom passing away a few years after my Dad.

Having moved into my moms house via purchasing it off my brother and sister via divorce settlement. The Central Heating Boiler died, I was unable to fix it via the British Gas Insurance service, or none service as I now call it. As the boiler is 14 years old. This has resulted in no hot water or heating for 2 years, My last years bill for electricity was £1500,82 pence which I am paying off again due to cost of living and expensive Utilities. I cannot replace the boiler as I do not have any money. I am not eligible for a grant as my loft is insulated and my walls are brick if they were cavity I would be fine but they are not. So I did my due diligence and brought 2 heaters one upstairs for the bedroom one downstairs for heating the living room and went for Ceramic Air heaters which were the cheapest to run and cost efficient. Then I was stunned by the electric bill and can no longer use the energy efficient heaters as they cost far to much money. I now have a 3 bar oil heater radiator upstairs and one downstairs which are on timers so I reduced as much usage as possible during the winter. I use an Air fryer to cook and not my kitchen cookers. I only watch TV 11Am until 6Pm as company and then I go to bed with my cats. They usually tell me when it is time for bed by starring and meowing at me till I move. I do not have any savings. I bum shuffle up and down stairs as my stair lift is to expensive to use, so it is switched off. I use rechargeable battery operated lights at night.

So, that is my financial situation in full.

Sidney Fluffs Xray came back as damage to his ligaments in his knee and if he does not rest (which he has for the last 6 weeks) and improve (which he has not) he will need an operation (which he does) the standard cost for this knee op is £4,500.00 but he PDSA will do it for the discounted price of £450 which is fantastic, if I had the money which I do not. Adding on a further cost of Meds and consultation and further x-rays the total cost will end up around £750 of which I have nothing and they need the money before the operation can be carried out. They do not do a payment scheme which would have enabled me to pay monthly, but they do not.

I have tried to get a loan but I do not qualify as I am disabled and do not have any savings, I cannot have an overdraft as the bank does not allow those on Benefits to have them. My family is small and all are unable to help. I have tried payday loans but could not afford the repayments they want especially at the 99.9% interest rates they might have wanted if I had qualified which I do not.

I believe I have 5 options:

1. Sell the house and have no where to live. As a disabled person I do need to live here and with the time it would take to sell and then find somewhere to live, it is not feasible.

2. Put my beloved pet and companion, who is only 7, to sleep, He is otherwise a very healthy beautiful cat that I utterly love and I would rather die before doing that.

3. Take a loan, where from I have no idea, which I could never afford to pay risking everything, including the home myself and pets live in.

4. Hand my lovely cat over to be rehomed, so someone else looks after him. In which case it is the same as putting him to sleep. Again I would rather die first,

5. Ask for help from strangers on Go Fund Me which I am desperate for.

I hope I have made sense typing this as tears are streaming down my face at the thought of not being able to help my boy and having the embarrassment of putting my dirty washing out for all to see.  But as you can see I am not asking anything for myself, only the help to get my boy out of pain and able to enjoy his life again.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully for any help you can give.



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