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Help us bring "SHOWTIME!", a twisted and powerful one-woman-musical, led by an all-star female team, to Edinburgh Fringe!

by Em Hoggett in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, United States

What's The Show?

If Tim Burton met Stephen Sondheim in the Kit Kat Club, and they were a woman... An electric exploration of the life of the artist, told through the lens of Amelia, and her charismatic alter-ego, The Master. As Amelia’s prime source of spark and inspiration gradually becomes her sadistic captor, we follow her journey through buried memories, the depths of workaholism, and the lengths one will go in pursuit of ‘the dream’. A frantic Dad, a dodgy agent, oh... and that 65 year old boyfriend, all come to life through The Master's larger-than-life 'SHOW DAHLING!', while Amelia, much to The Master's dismay, believes one thing is more important than entertaining an audience: the truth. "SHOWTIME!" is a thought-provoking, hilarious & unapologetic display of the life of one (slightly crazy) female artist.

Why Support Us?

"SHOWTIME!" is a female-led confrontation to capitalism and addiction. It poses a challenge to the workaholic "grind culture" of our modern world while addressing the wild and sometimes devastating adventures of a young girl in the entertainment industry. A fearless, often hilarious & heart-wrenching portrait of the life of a female artist, led by none other than... a group of badass female artists!

In 2023, I suffered a sudden and shocking vocal injury, followed by a rapid decline in my general health, which led me to have to suddenly stop my career. I came to learn that I was partially suffering with severe trauma-related burnout. Performing since infancy, this collapse confronted me with a truth; that my whole sense of self-worth lay in my achievements (and YOUR rapturous applause!). I ventured to re-find myself, my magic, my art and to explore the two drastically different sides of myself I have struggled with; one that lives for the SHOW! and another that might rather hide. The story of my (slightly wild) life poured out of me, becoming a hysterical show which raises questions about our capitalist society, sexual assault, addiction, parental impact, workaholism and identity.

Partially inspired by the outrageous London production of 'Cabaret!', I am thrilled that Anessa Marie, who is currently working on the Broadway transfer of this show with Eddie Redmayne, will be our orchestrator! The wildness and audacity of this production was a perfect match for my relentless shows as EM The Master (see link below). Lisa Milinazzo, a fantastic NYC based director who has worked with powerful artists such as Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues) has also jumped on board to support this work.

I feel both excited and exposed to share my powerful and at times devastating story. We have large dreams for "SHOWTIME!" and I am extremely grateful for the wild talent that is involved in birthing this show. I want to tell this story for the next generation of female artists, and to pose questions about our global epidemic of workaholism... and if it's really worth it. 

EM The Master Live Shows:

Academy Award Museum sponsored proof of concept:

No donation is too small - we are sincerely grateful for all support. Thank you!

Who Is Supporting Us?

We are fortunate to have already been supported by The Bechdel Project, a female-supporting arts initiative, who provided us with free rehearsal space in New York, as well as NYU University, American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Academy Award Museum. Jump on board with them to help female storytellers create change!

Testimonial from The Bechdel Project: 

Previous Reviews...

“A rising music star.” - Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global

“The Master”? Maybe, if you know you can back it up. EM does and does it all, maybe like no one you’ve ever seen. She is a non-stop ball of frenetic but focused energy." - Santa Monica Daily Press 

“This show was a powerhouse of raw emotion & talent, wrapped in an incredibly intimate & honest package.” - Review of Previous Show @ Hollywood Fringe 2018

The Team

Created, composed, written by & starring: Em Hoggett aka. EM The Master

1713484303_db88de85-3f27-4d3a-b502-fe321403c35c.jpgKnown for her high-energy performances, poignant lyrics and unique theatricality, Em Hoggett aka. EM The Master is an award-winning music artist, writer, director, actress and singer-songwriter. Beginning as a classical pianist aged 3, Em was named a “prodigy”, receiving her first degree in piano performance aged 11, and a second at 15. At 13 she performed with concert pianist Lang Lang at The Royal Festival Hall.

1713483995_1713483991468.jpegAlso an actress, Em obtained her acting degree at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC. Em’s broad background is evident as she combines her unique skillset into a show unlike any other. Em has led a successful music career as “EM The Master”, performing her original music and show multiple nights a week. "Showmanship, electric piano pounding, stage presence, charisma, theatrics, energy, arranging, choreography - what else you want?" - Santa Monica Daily Press

1713484408_7d988c09-b99a-4bfc-9cb4-6394e7f6f38c_2.jpg A prolific songwriter, Em's debut EP was dedicated to survivors of sexual assault. Hard Rock Café wrote “Em joins artists such as Lady Gaga and Tori Amos in giving a voice to those who need it most”. Em also co-authored a book with Gaga, "Channel Kindness" which was a New York Times Bestseller. Her recent singles were produced by GRAMMY-winner Adrian Young (No Doubt), in which he also features on drums, and Todd Forman. 

In filmmaking, Em was selected to work with Academy Award Museum, LA to create a piece which largely inspired "SHOWTIME". Em has recently been nominated at both Cannes Remember The Future Festival and LA Independent Women Film Awards for Best Music Video and Best Music Video Director for her work on “Questions.” Em hopes to use her Fringe show as a platform to combine all of her varied skills into one unique artform. 

Directed by: Lisa Milinazzo 

1713312860_image1_(1).jpeg Nominations: Barbara Whitman & Alan Schneider Directing Awards (2022, 2021); Best Director & Best Ensemble Awards at Origin Theatre & L.A. Weekly Awards. Lisa has directed renowned artists such as Richard Easton, Alec Baldwin & Marin Ireland. Writing credits include “The Query” (Screenplay, Cannes & Garden State Film Festivals).

She has directed theatrical premieres for such writers as Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues), Rebecca Lenkiewicz & George F. Walker, among many others, at Connelly Theatre, 59E59th, 54 Below & HB Playwright’s Foundation to name a few. Her work has been seen in numerous Off-Broadway, Downtown NYC and LA theatres, as well as in the UK. A member of Actors Studio Playwrights & Directors Unit and instructor at NYU and Columbia Graduate Film Schools. Full bio available here:

Orchestrated & Arranged by: Anessa Marie 

1713312938_image0_(2).jpegCurrently working on the Broadway production of "Cabaret", starring Eddie Redmayne, Anessa Marie is a composer/lyricist/bookwriter, orchestrator/arranger, conductor, music director, and musician based in NYC, who's work has been heard at Carnegie Hall & 54 Below, to name a few. Broadway: Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Aladdin. Select Off-Broadway/Regional: White Girl in Danger (2ST/Vineyard), The Wizard of Oz (Geva), Wonderboy (5th Ave, NAMT).

As an openly transgender woman, Anessa is an advocate for parity and embracing diversity in the arts and can frequently be found speaking on various panels about ways to be more inclusive in the music/theatre industry. Full bio available here:

Choreographer: Kris Engelstad

1714027234_img_1160.jpegKris Engelstad is powerful force in the dance industry. Her wide range of styles has seen her work with artists such as Rihanna, Karmin, Rusko, Bobby Newberry, Kevin Stea, Herb Alpert, Maya Angelou and many more. She has appeared in commercials for Converse and Behr Paint, and you can catch her on Hulu dancing in Season 3 of East Los High. She has worked with top choreographers such as Tina Landon, Jason Myhre, Reina Hidalgo, Asiel Hardison, Brian Friedman and Tamara Levinson to name a few.

Kris has assisted many acclaimed choreographers, including Beau Fournier, Gigi Torres and Derrell Bullock, on numerous live shows and music videos. Full bio here:

Assistant Director: Kinley Jones

1714284405_9b922524-e7cb-49e3-aaee-951b8e2bf5a1.jpegKinley Jones is an actress based in NYC. She attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and was a part of their NY Academy Company from 2019 to 2020. Credits include Mary Warren in The Crucible and Denise in The Harvest. Kinley would like to thank Lisa Milinazzo for always supporting her and inviting her on this journey, as well as Em for sharing her incredible talent and work. Kinley is excited to be making her Assistant Director debut with two badass women, working on an even more badass show.

What We Are Asking For...

Taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe is notoriously expensive. I am contributing all of my personal savings to the show, and hoping to have some further support! We are still a ways away from having the amount we need. Your donations will go towards...

  • Rehearsal space in LA, NYC and Edinburgh
  • Payment to our incredible team of female artists (excluding Em)
  • Payment to our wonderful female PR representative
  • Hire of a technician to run the complicated show!
  • Flight costs from NYC to Edinburgh for some members of the team
  • Cost of accommodation
  • Marketing costs (posters across Edinburgh, cost of printing and distributing flyers)
  • Living expenses in Edinburgh

Thank you so much for your support!

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