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by Short Film - Prelest in Brighton, , United Kingdom

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‘Prelest’ is an upcoming 2024 graduate student short film.

by Short Film - Prelest in Brighton, , United Kingdom

‘Prelest’ is a graduate student short film that follows subjects of spirituality, obsession, insanity, and ending of relationships. 

Leo, Isla’s long-term boyfriend, ends their relationship seemingly out of the blue. In the midst of navigating this sudden heart break, Isla makes desperate attempts to resurrect what she has lost, eventually finding herself in a frenzy of spiritual mediums and insanity. 

‘Prelest’ is an ambitious project for us, and we are seeking donators to help us fund this film; any and all help being incredibly appreciated by our team.

Concept Art



Our concept art was illustrated by our writer and producer: Rachael Pendry. She and the rest of the crew decided on 3 essential scenes from our script to capture: beginning (the breakup), middle (the spells), end (the make-up).  

Why this budget?

We’ve chosen a funding goal of £2,000, and here’s why:


Within this pie-chart, you will find a breakdown of where exactly the raised funds will go. ‘Prelest’ being a graduate film project, we are fortunate to have the University of Brighton to provide us with the kit of equipment we need to create this film, and we were able to source only locations that did not require renting.

Therefore, the funds we are seeking will go to hiring a cinematographer, imbursing our actors, covering travel and catering for the full crew, marketing, props, and wardrobe.  Providing our cast and additional crew with proper payment, nutrition, and travel compensation is our priority, but we do have the goal of sufficient funding for marketing and art department aspects of our film as well. 


Isla and Leo had the perfect relationship through Isla’s eyes; having created a loving home together over the past few years. That was until Leo abruptly determined that he had reached the limit to his love for Isla and was prepared to move past the life they formed together. This sudden turn-around of affection dumbfounded Isla, and she only found herself to blame for Leo’s falling out of love with her. 

Isla’s distaste for the sudden and inexplicable heartbreak quickly led to a fast-forming depressive episode; Isla unable to find herself anywhere but the in comfort of the floor or sofa. During this episode she found solace in the endless depths of her cell phone, scrolling for hours on end. Her scrolling landed her on the topic of spiritual mediums, more specifically she came across a girl in a Tik Tok video explaining the way in which she had manifested a boyfriend into her life. 

This revelation led to sleepless nights scouring the internet for any and everything that promised the revival of her splintered relationship; she sought out anything that had the potential to make her lost lover find sanctuary in her once again. In her tiresome attempts, she only loosely educated herself on various different spiritual methods that the internet recommended for her situation. 

Despite this, she would soon after partake in a dangerous number of these methods, unknowingly playing with a force beyond her power. Between using written manifestation until her hand grew numb, praying to several gods, meditating for hours every day, and even dappling in forms of witchcraft she had very little knowledge in, something clicked in Isla’s universe.

 Isla sensed Leo’s presence making its way back to her, seeing him in forms of angel numbers and look-alikes, encouraging her to work harder at everything she was already overindulging in. After continuing her abuse of these spiritual mediums, Leo eventually re-entered her life. 

Leo was apologetic of his past mistakes and prepared to start the process of re-earning Isla’s trust. The vigorous endeavours Isla performed to cause this paid off, and Isla and Leo were able to continue living the life that Isla desperately missed. Things are so well they even  decide to go on a picnic date in a beautiful forest. Things go exactly the way Isla planned and she happily takes in the fact that her lover is back, but is this only in her head?


Director's Vision

‘Prelest’ questions what the phrase ‘everything is not always as it seems’. We delve into the concept of spiritual delusion and the progression of insanity. 

As director, I aim to create an immersive viewing, Isla’s depleting sanity throughout the film being visually reflected with the shots, angles, colouring, effects, music, and transitions we choose to use in order to intensify the suspense and growing darkness. I hope to gently and accurately represent the way in which the abuse of spiritual mediums can have an extreme effect on you, as well as the way insanity looks through the eyes of the person themself as opposed to an outsider perspective. 

About the Crew


                                          Logan Roby – Director 

“I’ve taken on various film roles during my time on my University of Brighton film course, but this is only my second time taking on the responsibility as lead director. Directing is the path I hope to take following graduation, so this project is very essential to my portfolio and future career. I have taken the script and translated it into a visual and compelling narrative, planned out guidance for our actors during their performances, overseen the intended creative and technical aspects of the entire production, and consulted with our team to ensure we are all on the same page with filmmaker vision regarding the time limitations.”


                            Rachael Pendry – Writer and Producer 

"During my time on my film course I have written a number of short films and produced one. I went into university with the goal of becoming a screenwriter but have found myself loving both writing and producing. This project will be very beneficial to learning about both aspects of my desired career. I have spent time preparing for ‘Prelest’ by sourcing and filling out necessary forms, researching locations, contacting and casting actors, hiring additional crew members, calculating budget, and much more.” 


                                        Niamh Jacobson – Editor 

“I have had a love of editing since I was very young, and as soon as I was old enough to consider my future career, I knew I wanted to be an editor for films. For every project I’ve worked on at the University of Brighton I have taken on the role of editor, and I am excited to further build my experience with this project. In preparation for my role, I have researched films with similar editing techniques to the ideas our director and I have for ‘Prelest’, studied editing softwares and processes, created mood boards to look to for inspiration, checked SD and hard drive compatibility, and practiced transitions and colouring.” 


                                Madison Sullivan – Sound Designer 

“I went into my film degree with the intentions of either landing in a career of film editing or music in film. With that, I have worked a few times as sound designer on projects as it plays into both of my preferred sections of work. To prepare for my role as a sound designer, I’ve researched both microphones and recording systems and the way they work. Along with that I have considered location and weather restrictions, as well as required sound effects and foley that will be needed for ‘Prelest’. However, my favourite part of preparing for my role has been discovering artists and music that match the energy of our film.”

Test Shoots

1705409976_test_shoots_for_camera_and_sound_phtoot_(1).png Campaign Shoot



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