Get “Will Shea, Won’t Shea?” To Fringe!”

by Shea Stanley in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Get “Will Shea, Won’t Shea?” To Fringe!”

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I am raising money for my one woman show, “Will Shea, Won’t Shea?” It’s funny! It’s queer! It’s romcom vibes! You love it already!

by Shea Stanley in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

The time has come… Shea has finally written a one-woman show (can’t believe it took this long!). She is taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (her dream, if you can believe). But she needs a little help to get there.  

The Show 

“Will Shea, Won’t Shea?” follows 27-year old Shea in her one-woman show as she tries to orchestrate the romantic comedy of her dreams. Inspired by the will-they-won’t-they relationships of our time (Harry and Sally, Ross and Rachel, etc), Shea knows the best way to find love is to pick any random dude, make him your best friend, and pine for each other in secret for years. That’s the dream! …right? As things begin to fall apart, Shea is forced to confront the real reason she wants to keep men at arms length: maybe it’s the closest she can get to dating them without actually having to date them. Combining standup comedy and character work, audiences help Shea on her journey to answer the age old questions: Is Shea just a lesbian? Does she want  Channing Tatum or just want him to respect her? And when will someone storm out of their big meeting to run to her in the rain and kiss her!? 

The Team

  • Shea Stanley: writer, actor, producer, gay person 
  • Amy Allen: director, gay person 

The Timeline

  • July 6-8: Previews of the show will take place in London at the Glitch in Waterloo (come see!)
  • July 31-August 25 (not the 13th): The show will then go to the ~famous~ Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Every day, 2:15 pm at C Venues Aurora! 
  • After: Shea and Amy receive offers for movie deals, west end productions, reality shows, etc

What We Need

So what do we need money for?? Shouldn’t we just need an idea and a plucky go-to attitude? 

We were lucky enough to raise £1500 over on IndieGogo, which covered the Fringe Registration fees and the first venue deposit! But now we need £3500 more for:

  • the rest of the venue deposit 
  • Personnel costs (money to pay the creative team!) 
  • Housing costs in Edinburgh during the festival 

Other Ways You Can Help

Anything you can throw our way is very helpful. Along with that, you can: 

  • Share on your socials and with your rich friends! 
  • Come see the previews at the Glitch, July 6-8! 

Thank you legends!! 

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