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by Scottish Family Party in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


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We are setting out to prove that the Government's appalling sex education resources are out of tune with public opinion.

by Scottish Family Party in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Samantha Evans 29th May 2021

Its the schools job to teach children how to read, write, count, learn subjects like history & geography . Why are we not teaching children on finances and nutrition, it’s the parents job to educate them on appropriate sex education.

Clare Chalmers 30th July 2020

The Scottish Government need to listen to parents not Government funded lobby groups such as Stonewall. It is very clear to anyone who has examined the contents of teaching materials on sex education for Scottish children that pornography is being promoted. Truly disgusting and unacceptable on so many levels.

Margaret Cuthill 30th July 2020

We cannot as parents, grandparents remain silent when John Swinney, the Education Minister, is personally endorsing and introducing LGBT propaganda to 5-8 year olds, written by, of course, the LGBT and Transgender groups promoting their lifestyle as normal behavior! Parents' views are disregarded!! Big Brother tactics where minority voices are given the lead to encourage the all-inclusive mantra but in reality will silence the majority. Propaganda at it's best but the education of our children at it's worst!!

Sylvia Brown 19th July 2020

Scottish Family Party is our only hope against the totalitarianism that is being forced upon people in Scotland. They have betrayed our children's innocence.

Denise McCully 18th July 2020

I am glad that you, as a political party, are doing something to alert people as to the underhand goings on in Holyrood. I showed one of your posts, about sex ed lessons for schoolchildren, to two SNP supporters. They were so appalled that they did not believe that they were real. Still refuse to believe. So thank you for all you do.

Nkem Jacob 18th July 2020

In this society of democratic freedom it is only reasonable we ask parents for their views on such a sensitive subject matter. I have read the RSHP resources and I am very uncomfortable with my kids being exposed to same. Many thanks SFP

Richard Tallach 18th July 2020

Excellent work as always by the Scottish Family Party. The opposition at Follyrude are by contrast like chocolate teapots - useless!

Mrs J. Boam 17th July 2020

We are very much behind you in this campaign. We are shocked at the depravity of this material for children. It's great what you are doing. Well done.

Steven Francis 17th July 2020

I think the problem is most people do not realise this is happening in schools, since my kids have been off nursery they have veen posting stuff up that they would teach them and there has been loads of UN charter stuff for an award from the government, my kids get an extra year and now leave nursery not having to spell their names but 5 years ago their sister did.

Pamela Morrison 17th July 2020

SNP have appallingly abused our education system by imposing their Liberal views on the family unit. It has to stop, we don't want our children forced into this sort of unstable and disruptive view of life, where it causes no end of harm and confusion to our young child's minds. It's not right and it's time to get these unethical people out of control.

Norman Colville 16th July 2020

It is long past time that LGBTQ were confronted and challenged in the public arena in open debate instead of hiding in the background shouting homophobe at anyone who does not agree with their lifestyle.

James Walker 16th July 2020

I am completely behind the aims of The Scottish Family Party and look forward to the time when the vast majority of parents will will have the final say on the contents of Scottish Sex Education Materials, and not small unrepresentative pressure groups or individual head teachers.


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